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Bringing your business to the forefront

From the beginning, the focus of Smart Business Magazine has been unique. Unlike traditional business publications that focus on news and events, each issue of Smart Business features insight, advice and strategy from leaders such as Mark Cuban, Ted Turner and Wayne Huizenga. (See a sampling of the Top CEOs we’ve covered.)

Because of this approach, we have fostered great reader engagement among business leaders seeking to drive growth and success in their own organizations. Advertising directly to CEOs takes the guess work out of marketing tactics and allows you to reach thousands of business leaders with the buying power to purchase your products and services.

By sharing the best practices of the nation’s top CEOs and executives, Smart Business Magazine helps business leaders drive growth and success in their own organizations. Yet our unique model also adds significant value for our advertisers and print partners, who benefit from our audience of top executives and influential decision makers across 7 regional markets.

Advertising and marketing opportunities

Print advertising

For nearly 25 years, the foundation of Smart Business has been high-impact, creative print programs tailored to meet every budget level and marketing objective. Interested in building your brand and differentiating yourself from the competition? Our experienced staff works with companies of all sizes from many industries to craft memorable print campaigns that capture the attention of business executives and decision makers.

Whether it’s through our print or digital editions of Smart Business Magazine, our advertising programs are designed to deliver you with maximum exposure to our audience.

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Content Marketing Program


The rules of marketing have changed. Your audience is no longer interested in boasts of product superiority; what they want is valuable content that will help them improve their businesses. By participating in our Content Marketing Program, you’ll receive original monthly content to position your business as a thought leader within its industry, market or customer base. In addition, our content experts will help you target and leverage your thought leadership content through print, web, blogs, social media and email marketing to maximize audience engagement.

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