About Smart Business

For more than 30 years, Smart Business Magazines, Events and Books has produced the highest-quality content, events and marketing materials for our diverse audience of entrepreneurs and senior executives.

How do we do this? We highlight CEOs and senior executives who achieve success and demonstrate innovative leadership. But we’re not like traditional business publishers. Instead of focusing on the who, what, where and when in business, we hone in on how and why smart leaders get the job done.

At Smart Business, we talk to the country’s leading CEOs to discover how they made it to the top and offer their advice on how other leaders can do the same. By delivering this valuable insight, advice and strategy, we help business leaders take their organizations to the top and, just as important, stay there.

What we do

In addition to the articles you’ll find in our award-winning Smart Business Magazine, we offer numerous networking, awards and educational business events, as well as a full-service books division that brings the stories of CEOs to life in a whole new way.


Smart Business Magazine is a national chain of business management journals that offers insight, advice and strategy for C-level executives. Together, our regional publications have featured more than 27,000 of the nation’s top CEOs, from Ted Turner to Mark Cuban, and received repeated accolades for journalistic excellence. Learn more.


In business, there is no substitute for face-to-face contact. The events and conferences created by Smart Business Events give executives unique insight into key business ideas and strategies. From our large-scale evening galas to more intimate luncheon events, we draw together the most prominent and influential business leaders in each market we serve. Learn more.


Smart Business Books is focused on creating and distributing useful content for business leaders and managers. That begins with a clear understanding of the audience you want to reach. We help you reach your audience on its terms – from traditional publishing to eBooks, public relations to social media, videos, microsites and more. Learn more.


Convero helps organizations engage in measurable conversations with customers, members and employees to improve retention and business performance. The company’s Convero Voice program drives meaningful engagement by combining insight, strategy, content and ongoing measurement to help organizations build more value in their business relationships.