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The Insights Podcast provides CEOs and business executives with best practices, advice and strategies for how to better manage your companies.

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Enterprise Software Rollout

Sept. 30, 2021

Launching enterprise-wide software is challenging for organizations of any type or size. These projects are complex, time-consuming, and they require a great deal of planning, resources and communication to execute. Keith Monahan, Director of Quality Assurance Services at Rivers Agile, talks through the process of an enterprise-wise software rollout, from picking the developer to post-launch support, offering tips to give these projects the best chance of success.

How Automated Tools Drive Purchasing Speed

July 14, 2021

While immediacy has long been high among consumer demands, the pandemic has created a heightened expectation of speed to market. This has opened the door to increased automation, with options such as straight-through processing helping to facilitate the immediacy and ease consumers’ want while providing the data and decreased labor outlay companies are seeking. EOX Vantage’s Mike Fieseler discusses how automated tools are helping companies satisfy consumers’ need for purchasing speed.

The Trouble with Legacy Systems

May 4, 2021

Legacy systems perform an organization’s day-to-day work. But as these systems age, even basic functions begin to strain those systems beyond what they can handle. For example, Vicencia & Buckley’s legacy process caused myriad inefficiencies and workflows that were convoluted by back-end workarounds. Project Manager Nishan Kumar explains how EOX Vantage resolved these issues by building an online self-service scuba insurance procurement platform that aligned with the company’s digital strategy.

The Effectiveness of Data Automation

March 10, 2021

Varun Badarinath, a senior product engineer at EOX Vantage, offers insight into the effectiveness of data automation through the company’s experience with Arrowhead Rental Programs. When Arrowhead won the business to support a rental program of loaner vehicle fleets, the Insurance company turned to EOX Vantage to implement an easy-to-use system that led to greater utilization and fewer headaches.

Auto Data Collection: Better Decision-making through Better Data

January 4, 2021

Companies that aren’t able to quickly collect, format and consume their data are at a competitive disadvantage. And that’ll only get worse as the magnitude of available data increases every day. EOX Vantage’s Mike Fieseler discusses automating data collection, and how doing so can lead to better quality data and improved organizational decision making.

APIs: What They Are and Why You Need Them

November 4, 2020

A company’s data is incredibly valuable. It’s used to validate decisions, measure performance and find areas of improvement. To do that, data needs to be visible, consistently formatted and shareable. But it’s typically not. Mehul Kenia, a product architect at EOX Vantage, says Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a data management solution that un-silos information, and links it all together for a clear, holistic picture. We talked with Kenia about APIs — what they are, how they’re used and why companies should implement them in their organizations to improve how information is shared and utilized.

Why Auctions Work in Good Times and Bad

September 21, 2020

When the economy faces challenges, some companies will do well while others will struggle to survive. Dick Kiko, the CEO of KIKO Realtors Auctioneers and Advisors, says liquidity is critical in any situation — whether a company is struggling to regain a foothold or needs an injection of cash to take the business to the next level. And an auction is one tool that can be used by any company, in any position, to generate liquidity.

Introduction to Workflow Automation

September 8, 2020

Workflow automation enables companies to automate various business processes. That can have a big impact on a company’s efficiency and accuracy, but it can also have a positive impact on employees. Mike Fieseler, vice president of business development at EOX Vantage, talks about workflow automation, a key element of digital transformation — and the many benefits that it can offer companies.

The Benefits of Auctions

August 1, 2020

Auctions are great at liquidating unused assets. But many sellers skip auctions, mostly because they’re worried it won’t get them the true market value for the stuff they’re selling. Dick Kiko, the CEO of KIKO Realtors Auctioneers and Advisors talks on the Insights Podcast about how auctions not only benefit but protect sellers and what sellers should look for in an auction company.

Turning Assets To Cash With Auctions

July 1, 2020

Auctions are misunderstood. Dick Kiko, CEO of KIKO Realtors, Auctioneers and Advisors, says that misunderstanding may be keeping businesses from connecting with a valuable resource, one that can turn assets into cash at a time that cash is king.