True rainmakers embrace their role to help get things done

Rainmakers are passionate people who will do what’s necessary to promote their business or organization, even if it means stepping outside their comfort zone. They have the special ability to get people to like and trust them. People want to be around them because they have a superstar status in their field.
Are they born this way? What is it that makes them incredibly attractive or desirable?
Rainmakers tend to have a very charismatic, dynamic and genuine passion about what they do and how they do it. They also have an innate skill to be able to share what they know, who they know and how they can help. People are attracted to a rainmaker’s natural enthusiasm, drawing power and ability to build relationships, as well as his or her aptitude to add value and solve problems.
Rainmakers tend to be very good at following up, following through, executing and getting results. They not only know how to collect the dots (relationships), but they are usually adept at connecting the dots by working through people, with people and achieving results for people.
Rainmakers really view life as a win-win situation. They have an impressive network of contacts and relationships, and they consistently work on mutually beneficial results for all parties. They are also highly strategic at identifying the appropriate network partners who look for an opportunity to work with them.
Rainmakers naturally understand the law of reciprocity. Reciprocation is an important way of life for a rainmaker.
Through being consistent, success in business and life inevitably finds them. People tend to seek the advice of a rainmaker. Rainmakers retain remarkable wisdom and seem to possess the ability to offer different perspectives and guidance.
They are genuine people, and balance their tremendous confidence with a sense of humility. They have a positive interest in seeing other people succeed and accomplish their goals.
A rainmaker’s integrity is beyond reproach and is incredibly reliable, resourceful and respected. Rainmakers have a unique way of motivating and inspiring people, and they have the ability to transfer various emotions, including compassion and enthusiasm.
They find enjoyment in doing good deeds and are in high demand for their political and business leaders, community and charitable organizations. The drawback is that the significant requests for their assistance can get overwhelming, and if not balanced, can cause them to get worn out, exhausted and frustrated.
Rainmakers tend to under promise and over deliver. They follow up and follow through, exceed expectations and tend to have an incredible talent to execute many projects at the same time. They love to help others and in the process become successful.
Rainmakers are an intricate part of the magic in a community. They are invaluable to their organizations, industry, associates and clients, as well as their community, charitable causes, and in the political arena. To know a rainmaker is a valuable asset; to be a rainmaker is to create a legacy.
Umberto P. Fedeli is CEO at The Fedeli Group