Top marketing trends to master in 2017

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In 2016, the trends in content and digital marketing made great advancements. Changes in technology, social media platforms and content promotion styles were just a few of the things at the top of marketers’ minds.
Moving into 2017, those trends will continue to grow and gain importance, but the New Year will bring its own important trends. As millennials infiltrate the workforce and technology is ever changing, so are the marketing trends that are meant to keep up with it.
Here are some notable trends coming to the forefront and why you’ll want to master them:
Digital content
Today, digital is everything. People go to the internet to seek information they need on products, brands, companies and more. Marketers can put this information in audience’s hands with exciting and informational content, such as white papers, technical bulletins, newsletters, e-books, videos, case studies, infographics and more.
In 2017, mastering the use of highly engaging and relevant online content is bound to increase your website visits, ROI, etc. Continuing to develop these skills will pay off in the coming year.
Cross-device marketing
The average consumer is connected through up to five devices — smartphones, tablets and desktop computers to name a few. Marketing across several devices is necessary, but it can be challenging.
You need to enable data alignment and tracking capabilities, such as Google AdWords and analytics, to ensure you’re recognizing your repeat consumers, tracking their actions across different devices and developing personalized ways to reach them.
Native advertising
Users don’t want their sessions interrupted online, so native advertising gives marketers the chance to offer information in a format similar to the content on the site the consumer is using. Users are more likely to engage with this type of advertisement than they would with a banner ad that may come across as overbearing or out of place.
These ads help brands connect with their audience in an authentic manner, while continuing to boost their ad revenue.
Live video streaming
It is essential for companies to present authentic, engaging content online 24/7. So, you need to find new ways to engage your audience and keep their attention. Video marketing has taken many successful forms in the past — testimonials, webinars and Instagram videos. Now, live streaming is starting to take over.
Platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Periscope are making live videos the standard in their offerings, and brands need to take advantage of it. According to a survey from the Web Video Marketing Council, 73 percent of marketing professionals said video has positively influenced their marketing results, and we can only imagine this increasing with developments in live streaming.
People are becoming increasingly attracted to live stream videos because they give them the chance to get an inside, unedited look into a brand or company that they may not have gotten on traditional platforms elsewhere.

Times and trends are always changing, so we all need to keep up. Follow these helpful tips and you’ll be on your way to a successful marketing year in 2017.

Kelly Borth is the CEO and chief strategy officer at GREENCREST, a 25-year-old brand development, strategic and interactive marketing and public relations firm that turns market players into industry leaders™. Kelly is one of 35 certified brand strategists in North America and works with companies to establish brands and build brand value for their businesses.