The cost-saving opportunity hidden in the return to offices

Talk has begun in earnest for many companies about a return to the office. While timelines might be different, an imperative most companies share is ensuring they’re as efficient as possible in all areas of the business. That includes printing.
With both people and printers heading back to a centralized location, there’s an opportunity to get these assets organized, reconfigured within the physical footprint and efficiently sharing the organizational workload. With a little planning from an expert — a managed print services provider, for instance — companies can keep costs low and connect with partners who can help keep devices protected from outside attacks.
Smart Business spoke with Jacob Baddeley, MPS Sales Manager at Blue Technologies Inc., about the opportunity that the return to offices creates for companies looking to maximize their printing program while minimizing costs.
What managed print services can bring value to companies in today’s environment?
Often a business’s method of printer supply acquisition or its service and maintenance regimens are either inefficient or more expensive than they need to be. That’s typically from a lack of focused attention on this aspect of the business.
Professional managed print services providers specialize in this area, and bring a supply chain and service network to bear on the issue. With their expertise, they’re able to uncover utilization inefficiencies through the use of data analytics and then find solutions to improve efficiencies and reduce overhead.
A managed print services provider can help manage centralized and decentralized printers, something companies with multiple offices and remote workers sometimes struggle to do effectively. Putting that responsibility in the hands of professionals means more control over supply and service across a company’s footprint, even if that footprint spans the nation.
How can these services help companies transition back to a central office?
This is where an assessment becomes really valuable. An assessment from a managed print services provider identifies what assets are coming back to the office and where they should be located, creating a map that connects those devices to who will use them and how their placement affects workflow. Print volumes can be calculated based on the current workforce and then migrated from smaller, personal devices to larger, centralized devices, where appropriate, to increase efficiency. Identifying these aspects of the environment to find where potential bottlenecks in workflow exist and where costs to print are higher can all be addressed through an assessment. It’s a good exercise to go through as both people and devices return to the office.
How can managed print services reduce cybersecurity risk?
Some managed print services providers have partnerships with cybersecurity brands that can potentially eliminate the risk of a security breach, even in situations where employees are working remotely. Managed print services providers also bring standardization throughout the organization. That ensures everybody is printing on the same devices, all of which are secure, are receiving the proper parts and are networked under a secure program. A uniform, well-managed program such as this will help reduce breaches.
Why should companies engage with a managed print services provider now?
Managed print services providers give business leaders visibility into their organization — what’s being printed, where, how often and at what cost. That’s important now because, for many companies that are returning to the workplace, the workload and workforce have changed. Efficiency and cost control are high priorities at the moment, and managed print services providers can create custom solutions that help companies achieve these new imperatives. This can be a pivotal piece for a business. Greater visibility into these assets and associated workflow can ensure companies maximize the assets available in the environment while creating cost efficiencies. That can go a long way toward making sure an organization is operating at peak performance.
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