Runner-up: Small Business Person of the Year

Ronald Brown, CEO of Maximation LLC in Dublin, which is a prime competitor of Quick Solutions

“I’ve known Quick ever since he’s been in business. We’ve been in a lot of competitive situations. … Our business is probably more competitive than the majority of businesses in the world … so we’re constantly stealing people from each other. At one time, Gary and I came up with an agreement that I’d leave his people alone and he’d leave my people alone. We both lived up to that agreement, so I have to assume he’s a man of his word. One way to evaluate a human being is if they say they’re going to do something and they stick to that. That tells me they’re an honorable person.

“I can’t say anything negative about Gary. I respect him as a human being.”

Jack Butler, a partner with Swedlow, Butler, Levine, Lewis & Dye Co. LPA, who serves as Quick’s attorney

“One of the things that’s quite apparent to me in working with Gary is he has a good intellect. He’s unassuming in his demeanor, he’s very relaxed and nonthreatening [but] I think sometimes he has to mask the fact that he has a real strong intellect.

“His style and personality also serve him well in the business he’s in. … I think he’s quickly embraced by people he does business with. He has a lot of energy, but he can really stick to his knitting, so to speak. … He has a vision. He wants to grow his business and add to its breadth and depth. And, like the typical entrepreneur, his attitude is, ‘This is what we will do to accomplish it.’ The glass is half full, not half empty. There’s a positive, can-do attitude that’s pervasive in his thinking. … I think those are very important characteristics.

“Another thing I can tell you about Gary is his employees like him. … And they respect him. I’ve always seen him treat his employees with considerateness and respect as well. He likes the people that work for him and that shows. That fosters the same kind of attitude back toward him.”

Ed Ahearn, IS manager with Bank One Services Corp., a long-time client of Quick Solutions

“[He’s] results oriented, a go-getter and he tries to understand the client’s needs. … He also has good people. I think he spends a lot of time developing his organization to support the clients.

“He’s a straight-forward person. … He must be regarded very highly because of all the awards he’s gotten. Obviously he’s very successful, so he’s doing a lot of things right.”

Kelly Borth, owner and president of Greencrest, and Quick’s nominator
for the SBA award

“[He’s] energetic, bright, fun. He’s a very employee-focused individual and a very fair player. … He has an innate ability to motivate people. … I’m in awe of his creativity when it comes to coming up with incentive programs or recognition programs. … I learn a lot from him by watching and observing and being around him. He’s always free to give advice. He has genuine concern and care — as much for his business as for mine. … You don’t run across that many people who are that down-to-earth and that successful and unpretentious.”