How to increase mobility and unified communications in the workplace

Imagine the workplace over the past 25 years — employees have gone from working the desk to working the job. They’re no longer tethered to their workspaces and can more easily share ideas, collaborate with team members and stay connected with customers.
“In today’s modern and dynamic work environment, the ability to work anywhere at anytime from any device can be an important piece to the success of a business, and also provides that much needed competitive edge,” says Joe Hesske, vice president of Sales & Marketing at Warwick Communications Inc. “Employees usually are never without a mobile device of some kind. Having a mobile workforce can improve productivity and increase efficiency for any type and size of business.”
Smart Business spoke with Hesske about how organizations can utilize mobility and unified communications technology.
How does the right communication solution promote mobility and unification?
The right solution can recreate the in-office experience regardless of location. Increasing your remote workforce could reduce the need for office space, and ultimately lead to significant bottom-line cost savings.
Also, allowing employees to work remotely on occasion can be positioned as a perk and improve work/life balance. As more millennials take key roles in organizations, having a communication system that supports mobility can help attract and keep the right young talent for your company.
What features can help increase mobility?
Key mobile and unified communication features should include single number reach and unified messaging. This allows calls and voice mail to be delivered on multiple devises simultaneously. You also want to look at teleworker solutions with the ability to turn any phone into an extension of your office, instant messaging and chat, and audio and Web conferencing. Ultimately, the solution should allow employees and leadership to be reachable no matter where they’re located.
Who can benefit from these features?
Not every position will benefit equally from what communication mobility has to offer. Obviously, the sales team stands to gain the most — realizing that when workers are away from their desks, or out of the office, they can be more difficult to reach. When a salesperson misses calls that could represent opportunities, it can impact his or her success, and the organization, over time.
But remember that being mobile doesn’t always mean outside the office. Personal space mobility is an important element of workplace mobility. Incorporating DECT handset technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless
Telecommunications) allows in-office employees to move around the workspace — increasing collaboration, communication and ultimately productivity.
How can organizations get started?
Technology has come a long way, but finding the right communications solution and technology partner that can identify your specific needs is key in your success.
The goal is to try and replicate the in-office experience, no matter where you are or what device you’re using, because mobility technology and unified communications can help you connect with customers, grow your business, and improve employee communication and productivity.
To determine the right solution, ask:

  • Do you believe your employees can be productive when mobile or working remotely?
  • Do customers sometimes struggle to reach your employees, or are calls missed, especially with the sales team?
  • Do you have employees that often travel?
  • Do your employees contact customers while mobile?
  • Are you spending too much on cellphone bills?
  • Would you like to improve work/life balance for your company?

Also, most communication platforms are moving from hardware to software applications. This allows flexibility and critical functionality that can deliver all the necessary technology for a productive, efficient and successful work environment.

The most important thing, however, is to partner with a company that can assess your needs, understand your goals and deliver a unified communications and mobility solution that aligns with your corporate strategy now and in the future.

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