How Scot Lowry grew Fathom marketing and analytics beyond a singular offering

Scot Lowry, president and CEO, Fathom
Scot Lowry, president and CEO, Fathom

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Scot Lowry
president and CEO
Scot Lowry is president and CEO and the entrepreneurial force driving the growth and innovation at Fathom, a digital marketing and analytics company. Lowry, along with a business partner, purchased Fathom in 2007 from the company’s founder.
Although Lowry bought the company, the founder remained a vital operating component to the business by adding sales and marketing expertise. Working together, they leveraged their individual strengths to continue to grow the company. However, the sudden death of Fathom’s founder in 2010 proved to be a formidable challenge.
Lowry had to provide leadership, compassion and guidance to all his employees and clients shaken by the event. He then worked to replace the valuable sales and marketing resource that he had lost. Through it all, he was able to identify new talent and refocus his existing team toward an exciting new future.
Lowry’s vision and strategy has enabled Fathom to grow beyond its singular offering of search engine optimization to a company with a full suite of digital marketing services. Lowry led the transformation from one to more than 15 marketing service capabilities.
He has molded and shaped Fathom’s clever strategy approach. With ideas such as “devote to the moat” and “pick a niche,” Fathom expands its competitive advantages and keeps focused on niche markets like health care and education.
In addition, the company’s “easy in, impossible out” strategy ensures Fathom is committed to expanding its intellectual property and technology capabilities. To survive in the fast-paced digital marketing world, Fathom must stay ahead of the changing technology landscape. Every day there are changes online that can impact clients, so Lowry promotes “making order from chaos.”
Lowry has helped create these capabilities by investing in people, intellectual property, technology integration and acquisitions. By hiring results-oriented technology professionals and encouraging them to explore and expand creative solutions, Fathom has developed proprietary customer solutions and broadened solutions offerings to support its strategy of “easy in, impossible out.”
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