How Heather Sanderson was inspired to develop promotions with Overture

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Heather Sanderson, CEO, Overture Promotions
Heather Sanderson, CEO, Overture Promotions

The inspiration from mentors that Heather Sanderson received while developing as a professional didn’t go unnoticed — it helped her become an entrepreneur. While raising a family as a single mother in California, she met other successful women entrepreneurs at networking events, and the wheels began to turn.
When she relocated to the Chicago area in 2001, she cofounded Overture Premiums & Promotions based on her desire to start a promotional marketing agency that was more than just a distributor and could act as a creative branch and provide integrated marketing strategies to its clients.
Using the financial and operational experience gained while serving as CFO for an advertising specialty institute supplier and the vast network she had built over time, Sanderson also attributes her success to establishing high-quality standards for the company’s services and investing in the corporate culture.
She leads by example, applying her belief in continually improving internal processes at the company and investing in technology and staff. Overture has stood out from its competitors because it internalized most of its product supply chain, which reduces production costs and increases control over the product quality.
Due to the variety of services offered — from warehousing to embroidery, screen-printing and graphic design — Sanderson establishes the tone for the corporate culture and relies on the expertise of her directors to help her make managerial decisions.
During the 2008 economic downturn, Sanderson had to downsize Overture and used her management expertise to re-evaluate the business model. The changes she made allowed the company to become more efficient and also helped manage potential risks and operational expenses.
For the future, Sanderson hopes to double the company’s revenue and obtain another large customer while maintaining its current clientele. However, she and her management team believe their continued focus on maintaining the company culture, improving internal processes and targeting potential business development can help overcome the challenges of expansion.
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