How Daniel Adamany designed a four-step strategy to push AHEAD forward

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Daniel Adamany, president and CEO, AHEAD, LLC
Daniel Adamany, president and CEO, AHEAD, LLC

When Daniel Adamany founded the technology solution value-added reseller AHEAD, LLC in 2007, he knew he had to have a competitive advantage over the competition.
One major strategy was to remain vigilant in identifying the customer’s industry-specific technology needs. To do so, Adamany, CEO of the company, put into effect the Think, Look, Plan, Move strategy — for customers and employees alike.
AHEAD wants its employees to think about their position in the company, look ahead at where they might want to move in the company, plan a strategy to achieve that goal, then move forward and execute that strategy. This philosophy has helped the unique culture at AHEAD to attract and retain highly talented individuals, including former employees of competitors.
For customers, the strategy urges them to think about what their technology needs will be, to look ahead to the future of their industry and future needs, develop a clear vision and plan of action to meet the needs identified in the first two steps, then move ahead and execute the plan in order to succeed.
This framework has been very successful for both AHEAD and its customers, which praise the company for its innovative, and applicable and reliable services.
Adamany continuously looks to improve AHEAD’s offerings and its ability to sell those offerings. In the ever-changing technology environment, AHEAD maintains its competitive advantage by offering package solutions to customers and remaining up to date on technology.
The company’s highly talented workforce is constantly researching new technology solutions developed by other companies as well as investigating the feasibility of developing its own products.
Adamany has been able to attract and retain talented individuals when he started AHEAD by using his own capital to pay employees until the company was profitable enough to handle payroll. It is actions like these that show Adamany’s ambition, passion and dedication.
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