How a steely resolve helped Arthur Moore drive American Alloy Steel to the top of its industry

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Arthur Moore, president and CEO, American Alloy Steel Inc.
Arthur Moore, president and CEO, American Alloy Steel Inc.

Distribution & Manufacturing
Arthur Moore
President and CEO
American Alloy Steel Inc.
As Arthur Moore transitioned from serving the United States in World War II to building a career in the steel industry, he noticed some similarities between the two pursuits. While there were obvious differences, Moore was struck by the importance of discipline, a strong work ethic and a desire to be the best that was present both in the military and the working world to which he now belonged.
He took advantage of the opportunities afforded him to learn about the steel industry and put that knowledge to use in 1971 when he launched American Alloy Steel Inc. When he discovered his partners did not have the same knowledge that he had, he bought them out and moved ahead on his own.
It was slow at times, but his business grew and the focus he put on building strong relationships paid off in multiple ways. Customers were impressed by his knowledge and professionalism as were suppliers. The result was a business that always had a plan to follow to achieve success.
Inside the company, a thriving culture has made American Alloy an enjoyable place to work. Free lunches are offered each Friday, creating an environment that is pleasant in the good times and supportive when employees are going through difficulties. Loans are available to those who need them with flexible payback plans that allow borrowers to get back on their feet without feeling pressured to pay off their debts.
The generosity extends beyond the walls of American Alloy as the company is always doing what it can to help needy families during the holiday season. The result is an organization that has built a strong reputation for the way it treats its customers, its vendors and its employees. This has positioned American Alloy to expand its reach and bring its all-around quality to other parts of the world.
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