Fuhu is growing by leaps and bounds, but it hasn’t changed Jim Mitchell and his commitment to serve his core customers

The Mitchell File

NAME: Jim Mitchell
COMPANY: Fuhu Inc.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in business and computer science, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.
Mitchell on having a strong relationship with your business partner: The first key is having a common goal. Robb and I have a common vision we share always. Doing right by our customers and doing right by the people we work with.
Everything we do goes through that filter. The second thing is making sure you are complementing each other. There are different skill sets, different business acumen that Robb is strong in and some that I have more strength in. Once you know those roles, you just play them out.
Going beyond the business: nabi Inspire is Fuhu’s charitable initiative that came about due to the response from the company’s community of customers. After the launch of the nabi tablet, Fuhu received letter after letter from parents telling the story of how the nabi tablet uniquely supported children with autism as a tool to learn, communicate and engage in reciprocal play with family. For some, it was the first time.
Hearing of these life-altering experiences, Fuhu launched the nabi Inspire program with the mission to offer direct assistance to families living with autism and help raise awareness. Fuhu has since built a team dedicated to this cause to provide access to nabi tablets through discounting and gifting programs, as well as securing low-cost and free autism-friendly apps which are aggregated and easily available to parents in the Inspire section of the nabi App Zone.
To date, $500,000 has been raised through the nabi Inspire charitable program with proceeds going to support the mission partnering with organizations such as the HollyRod Foundation.
To learn more about nabi Inspire, visit www.nabitablet.com/inspire.