2022 Business Growth Awards

It is my distinct pleasure to congratulate the 26 Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Awards winners for 2022. Though all of you have had to deal with the pandemic, which thankfully seems to be under control now, and more recently, with high inflation, you have persevered and continued to excel. The ingenuity you have displayed in successfully overcoming these issues, as well as normal business challenges, is admirable.

This year’s Business Growth Award winners are located throughout Summit, Medina, Portage, Stark, Wayne, Ashland and Holmes counties in Northeastern Ohio.

The criteria to earn a Business Growth Award is based upon companies, over the last five years, either increasing their sales levels by at least 100 percent or $5 million, and/or increasing their employee bases by at least 50 percent or 25 employees. These are both high standards.

This impressive growth results in major economic benefits for our local/regional economy. Sales of goods and services to other parts of the state, across the nation and even internationally enrich our local/regional economy. Receipts and profits generated by these companies are positively manifested when they purchase local goods and services, invest in new operating facilities/equipment and hire new employees. These wealth-creating mechanisms directly lead to the ongoing economic vitality of our local/regional economy.

Cascade Capital Corporation’s primary business focus is to provide capital expansion financing to growing small and medium-sized companies investing in new operating facilities, equipment and human resources throughout Northeastern Ohio. Cascade Capital Corporation is certified by the U.S. Small Business Administration to deliver the SBA 504 Loan Program throughout Ohio. The program is the largest economic development finance program in the United States. Its advantages include below-market, fixed interest rates and up to 90 percent project financing as follows: Commercial bank financing, 50 percent; Cascade Capital Corporation SBA 504, 40 percent; business down payment, 10 percent. The primary SBA 504 financing terms are for 20 and 25 years, with current fixed interest rates set at 5.34 percent and 5.4 percent, respectively.

Cascade Capital Corporation’s Ohio 166 Loan Program offers an extremely competitive, below-market fixed interest rate of 3.5 percent for up to 20 years for nonretail companies investing in new operating facilities or equipment. Loans of up to $1 million are available.
Current and past winners have utilized its SBA 504 and Ohio 166 business finance programs to assist in financing their growth. Cascade Capital Corporation remains committed and very proud to present its annual Business Growth Awards Program, in partnership, with Smart Business. ●

Robert Filipiak is president of Cascade Capital Corporation, an economic development finance company that has provided dependable financing options to growing small- to medium-sized companies in Greater Akron and Northeastern Ohio since 1983. Reach him at (330) 379-3160 or [email protected].


Huntington Legacy Award




As a family business whose mission is to “serve those who serve,” Fire-Dex puts a strong emphasis on health, sustainability and safety for first responders around the world by offering innovative personal protective equipment (PPE). Through acquisitions, unwavering sales and a commitment to the fire industry, Fire-Dex has continued to thrive since its founding in 1983.

Lauren Burke DeVere

This year, Fire-Dex announced that Gear Wash, the clean and repair side of the business, is now the firefighting industry’s largest turnout gear cleaning and repair operation, having acquired Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners and its six locations. This acquisition expands the company’s roster of service providers committed to first-class care for the equipment worn by firefighters. It is expected to create new positions within the Gear Wash ecosystem and further provide top-tier services in advanced cleaning, inspection, repair, alteration and PPE rentals to keep protective ensembles in safe condition and functioning as they should.

The company aims to build on its strong success with the expansion of its Pelham, Georgia, manufacturing facility and production team. With investments totaling over $1 million, the Pelham location will be expanded to support additional manufacturing space, new equipment, machine operators and various leadership roles. With a goal of 100 team members being employed at its Pelham location by the end of 2023, Fire-Dex remains focused on hiring new associates who pave the way for innovative products and services.

Fire-Dex continues to expand its footprint across the United States through the recent partnership with Gr8west Fire and Safety, a manufacturer representative serving the firefighting and emergency services industries. Gr8west will represent Fire-Dex in Hawaii, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

Strengthening and developing the Northeast Ohio economy is still a focal point for Fire-Dex with the creation of new hiring opportunities across departments. The business continues to strive for growth by staying committed to the core values that it was founded upon — fun, integrity, respect and excellence (FIRE) through employee growth, involvement and investment. As Fire-Dex continues to evolve, it strives to emphasize culture by creating new ways to engage and retain its onsite and remote workforce. As a leading manufacturer in the fire industry, the company has shown immense pride in creating technologies that help alleviate the top health and safety concerns of firefighters around the world — carcinogen exposure, cardiac fatigue and cancer. ●


Entrepreneurial Spirit Award




Jarrett Logistics President and CEO Mike Jarrett, believes the keys to a successful business lie within eight core values — excellence, fairness, courage, compassion, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, character and civic responsibility. The company’s purpose is its people, and its business strategy is to hire people with character, integrity and a hard work ethic.

W. Michael Jarrett, President and CEO

The privately held, family-owned company has a vision to be the best logistics company in the industry, providing excellent customer service, state-of-the-art technology and premier services to clients with ongoing or as-needed requests. It believes in innovation and supports its employees in doing great things for clients every day to help clients be innovators within their industries.

As part of that support, Jarrett believes in personal and professional development for its employees. To accomplish that, it has engaged in business development and innovation programs formed by industry leaders Walt Disney and Mike Weinberg. In 2022, Jarrett began running Storyboarding sessions from “The Disney Way,” by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson. Storyboarding revolves around the theme Dream, Believe, Dare, Do, based upon the principles, values and creativity of Walt Disney to generate ideas and innovation. This technique allows it to gather ideas from front-line workers, focusing on innovation of products, processes and services to support employees and customers alike. Since starting this initiative, Jarrett has strongly embraced the Disney Way, and plans to continue to do so.

Entrepreneurial spirit is key to organizational growth and development. Jarrett also launched the initiative to “sharpen our sales story,” discussed by Mike Weinberg, because “creating a compelling customer issue and customer outcome-focused, differentiating message changes everything.” Having a sharp personal sales story, or pitch about your business and its goals gives the company’s sales team the confidence to step forward and an outlined approach to addressing potential customers.

As a leading provider of transportation and logistics solutions, Jarrett aims to create continuous improvement opportunities throughout a customer’s entire supply chain. High-touch, personalized service is integral to its business and a reason it remains one of the nation’s top logistics companies.

While focusing on logistics, Jarrett has continued to diversify its brand into a variety of categories and has four distinct business verticals: logistics, transportation, warehousing and fleet services. Additionally, under the Jarrett brand family is Fortis Group, including Old Carolina Barbeque, Orr Valley Creamery, Zephyrs Fitness and Crossfit Orrville. Each company strengthens its business portfolio, providing opportunities for more than 250 employees, and creates local economic growth. ●



ASI Environmental | Krista Gesaman, President and CEO

The ASI Environmental team is one of the leading water/wastewater service teams in Ohio. If you care about the water you drink, use to bathe, wash your clothes in, or cook with, one of the company’s team members has probably helped treat it. For those fishing, boating or swimming at local lakes, its team works to protect the environment and waterways.

The company and its leadership are grateful for its growth over the last five years but are even more thankful for the quality and caliber of team members it has added. Not only do team members care about providing great service for ASI’s customers, they also believe in the larger role that its business plays in the environmental safety of Northeast Ohio.

ASI Environmental’s goal is to continue to grow with like-minded, environmentally conscious team members to improve processes for water treatment in its communities. ●


AtNetPlus | JayMellon, Co-founder and CEO

As a technology company, AtNetPlus has remained relevant and essential for businesses as it navigates the aftermath of the post-pandemic world. The workforce and the way companies do business have changed essentially overnight, and those who excel at adapting quickly and being pioneers of ideas and practices rise to the top.

Physical hardware is becoming less relevant in business technology, and remote and cloud capabilities are rapidly becoming the critical key focus. As an IT provider, AtNetPlus sees this as an opportunity to be at the forefront of tackling challenges before they become widespread enough to impact everyone in the industry.

As a result, it has shifted focus to the part of its business that specializes in software development services that offer workflow automation and system integrations. Continuing to innovate new solutions with the support of its software team gives it greater reach and longevity as the market continues to change. ●


Community Support Services Inc. | Robert Stokes, CEO

Throughout the pandemic, Community Support Services Inc. remained opened, ensuring clients got the services and care they need. From case management, psychiatric care and prescription fulfillment, to a variety of therapies, CSS’ services can mean the difference between life and death.

One of its most important services is its Homeless Outreach Center. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, while most social service agencies were operating remotely, the Homeless Outreach Team conducted in person, face-to-face contacts with clients and kept the dayroom open. The PATH team (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) works to engage individuals who are homeless, severely mentally ill and not engaged in treatment, while the Supportive Services for Veteran Families works to house veterans and stabilize vets at imminent risk of homelessness.

Staff were overwhelmed and stretched thin, but consistently did their jobs and provided empathetic support without complaint. ●


Consolidus LLC | Jeffrey Jones, Founder and CEO

Since its 2006, founding, Consolidus LLC, a branded materials management best practice company, has been in a constant state of growth and development. It has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company the past five years and is a multiple time recipient of the Weatherhead 100 Fastest Growing Northeast Ohio Business. It has been recognized as a “Top Workplace in Ohio” by Ohio Business Magazine and a “Best Places to Work” in its industry by Advertising Specialty Institute.

During the pandemic, while much of its industry became paralyzed, the Consolidus team leveraged its core competency as a leading products distributor. Through a strategic sourcing partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers, Consolidus offered the 1,400 members of community health centers a reliable place to procure essential PPE products and provided PPE to other local and national companies. ●


Corporate Technologies Group Inc. | Jeff Sumner, CEO

Corporate Technologies Group Inc. has had several significant achievements over the past five years, but its two most significant are its acquisitions and its continued growth through the pandemic.

CTG acquired a division of a company that was not being actively managed. This was its first acquisition, so it wasn’t sure how it would impact the company. However, the impact has been positive, as it was able to use the acquisition to provide a more comprehensive service to customers. This has also helped increase revenue and bring in very talented employees. Its second acquisition was earlier this year as it acquired a similar company to the first one.

The second significant achievement is continued growth during the pandemic.  CTG was able to continue to grow because of its care for employees, and they put forth their best effort to keep everything going as best as possible. ●


Best Story, Technology

Crimcheck Technologies | Tom Shieh, CEO

Crimcheck Technologies, which provides comprehensive, accurate and compliant employment screening solutions, is a culture-driven organization with a tight-knit, collaborative leadership team and workforce. Team members across departments share a common goal of delighting customers and a passion for protecting their employees, customers, assets and brand by providing best-in-class employment background screening solutions.

The company communicates transparently, celebrates successes, recognizes employee and company milestones, provides awards and hosts events that strengthen cross-functional relationships. It knows that with growth come growing pains, and its goal is to avoid as many as it can. Being proactive, Crimcheck has identified two main areas of focus since the pandemic — employee appreciation and communication. In 2020, Crimcheck set up all team members to work from home to assist them in maintaining personal financial stability and productivity, but most important, personal health and safety. ●


Jamie Krejsa, President and CEO | EnviroScience Inc.

Over the past two years, as COVID forced fundamental changes to EnviroScience Inc. and the country, President and CEO Jamie Krejsa continued to stress to staff the importance of upholding the organization’s core values of respect, safety, client advocacy, quality work, accountability and teamwork. For more than a decade, he has directed the company through turbulent times with creativity, passion and innovation.

Krejsa excels at identifying new opportunities for business growth and fosters collaboration, organizing frequent all hands meetings to communicate the company’s challenges and successes. For the past two years, he has overseen the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), which has brought about transformational changes at the company. EOS builds on a strong culture of empowering employees by ensuring the right people are in the rights seats, identifying goals and objectives to drive the company forward and holding individuals accountable for agreed-upon outcomes. ●


Suranjan Shome, Founder and CEO | Epiphany Management Group

Established in 2007, Epiphany Management Group was founded to be a scalable organization serving clients nationally. After experiencing rapid growth, with employees in multiple states, the company faced scalability challenges that slowed expansion from doubling each year in 2013 to 2017 to a level that was not at the rate needed to reach its goals.

The nonprofit/public sector K-12 education market where Epiphany was focused did not support the scale of growth envisioned. In 2016, the strategic plan was pivoted to provide remote entry-level tech support to the health care technology market. Its market survey showed the Akron area had up to 50,000 underemployed people, what was needed to fulfill the entry-level technology support services it provided for high-tech fast-growing health care tech companies. Remote support allowed it to concentrate hiring and other critical resources, which allowed it to scale the business. ●


Michael Teutsch, CEO | Etactics Inc.

Etactics Inc. was established in 1999 to provide a cost-effective service that enhances the accuracy and delivery of time-sensitive documents, especially invoices and statements.

Etactics’ services improve cash flow for clients, improving their accounts receivable while automating and enhancing the invoicing/statement process. In the health care market, it delivers, edits and tracks insurance company invoices and patient statements for clients, mainly hospitals, physicians and billing services. It assists hospitals with managing their charity implementation policy with software solutions that automate tasks that previously required significant manual effort.

Etactics serves over 5,000 clients, marketing through relationships fostered by its sales professionals. It measures growth by revenue, profit and numbers of transactions processed; during 2021, it processed more than 90 million transactions on behalf of clients. And it continues to add new products and services where it sees opportunities to add significant value for clients. ●


Best Story, Emerging Service & Manufacturing

Fox Enterprise Services | Delilah Volpe, CFO

In the early years of Fox Enterprise Services, the leadership team worked in the shop and on jobsites to ensure employees were properly trained and customers had everything they expected from contracted work. As the company — which specializes in architectural metal products — grew, time onsite and in the shop lessened as more managerial work needed addressed.

In recent years, labor shortages have created a need that the company could not ignore, and the leadership team is in the shop bending metal, on the jobsite completing a punch list, reviewing shop drawings, or sweeping. Through their willingness to step up and out of their traditional roles, they hope to inspire others to do the same. When they see a need, they work to fill it with proper personnel; however, if this isn’t possible, they step in to make sure everyone is taken care of and has a work/life balance. ●


Great Lakes Fasteners Inc. | Kevin Weidinger, President and CEO

In the age-old business of selling nuts, bolts, washers and screws, innovation, inspiration and integration of technology all factor into operating Great Lakes Fasteners Inc., a business designed to excel for generations.

GLF has driven incredible efficiency, most specifically in kitting and packaging. Many clients take full advantage of its kitting capability as it packages up installation and production fasteners, with instructions, and delivers them as a tidy, finished good ready for mating with the finished goods. GLF has added technology and automation with equipment from Auto Bag and Advanced Poly that has streamlined its kitting and driven out nonvalue-added costs, allowing it to offer savings to manufacturing clients.

It takes an incredible group of diversely talented people, charged with common goals and supported by a can-do culture.GLF organizationally makes every effort to say yes before it ever considers no and encourages risk-taking. ●


Employee Growth, Service & Manufacturing

Incept | Sam Falletta, CEO

Incept — a customer experience marketing firm — exists to help individuals become the best possible version of themselves, including its employees, clients and community members. Through its intentional efforts to grow individuals, it has achieved significant success; perhaps the most significant data point is its revenue growth, increasing more than 120 percent in the last five years.

The company takes its responsibility to create a culture of growth and compassion seriously, especially with its recent growth overlapping with its transition from brick-and-mortar to almost exclusively remote agents. This transition has been successful because it has maintained its focus on creating a strong company culture. With its partnership with Coleman Behavioral Services, Incept provides a full-time, on-site counselor as an employee benefit, ensuring each of its employees has a safe and immediate resource available if needed. Incept has received several awards recognizing its commitment to creating a positive company culture. ●


Best Story, Established Service & Manufacturing

Leppo Group Inc. | Wm. Glenn Leppo, Chairman of the board

Leppo Group Inc. is an asset-heavy business, with most assets and profit tied to the rental of contractor equipment. It needs to have equipment before it can rent it and generate revenue.

Prior to 2008, it averaged 9 to 10 percent growth per year since 1983. From 2009 to 2021, its revenue growth has increased to about 19 percent.

A shift in thinking occurred during the Great Recession, with the company’s only mass layoff in its 77-year history. Chairman of the Board Wm. Glenn Leppo calculated the revenue the company needed and how much it needed to cut expenses. He then went to the team with both goals — revenue needed and other costs to collect ideas.

The result was it didn’t lay off any more people and came out in much better shape than its competition because it retained its best people. ●


Sales Growth, Service & Manufacturing

National Interstate Insurance Co. | Shawn Los, President and COO

National Interstate Insurance Co. has had a 24 percent growth in revenue since 2015. It has continued to grow its Alternative Risk Transfer portfolio of products, which accounts for 60 percent of revenue. By adapting to the hybrid work model and focusing on employee well-being, it has engaged its workforce to continue driving growth.

National Interstate has identified the use of telematics data and how it can make insureds and their employees safer. The company launched CoPilot Telematics in 2020 to help insureds be among the safest and most efficient operators by providing tools to aid continuous improvement. It continues to transform niches in the transportation insurance market with Alternative Risk Transfer products that lead to customer loyalty. In 2021, it launched Boomerang, an innovative insurance program for the crane, rigging and specialized carrier industries that allows members to earn back a portion of premiums while generating investment income. ●


Sales Growth, Technology

Open Practice Solutions Ltd. | Michael Teutsch, CEO

The computerization of medical offices began in earnest in the 1990s with a focus on the automation of the billing process. The first generation of systems was based on proprietary technology. By the time the Internet became a platform for hosting business applications, the focus of the medical software industry had shifted from accounts receivables applications to medical records applications that did billing.

Open Practice Solutions’ founders noted that while physician practices were getting squeezed with ever-decreasing reimbursements, the quality of the A/R systems was declining, as the market focused on the government-subsidized move to electronic medical records. Seeing the need for a web-based solution and focused on helping private practices thrive, OPS was founded in 2005.

And during the pandemic, when clients needed to pivot to remote work, they were able to do so seamlessly without IT concerns and nothing to download on home computers. ●


Douglas J. Sibila, President and CEO | Peoples Services, Inc.

Peoples Services Inc. provides a network of warehouse services, quality supply chain logistics, freight brokerage and transportation. With over 8 million square feet of warehouse space across seven states, it has the scope and experience to handle customers’ distribution needs.
Its warehouses specialize in food grade storage, polymers, auto and chemicals, along with customized drumming, packaging and fulfillment services. Its transportation capabilities complement the warehouse services, and its experienced team maximizes its advantage to supply efficient and reliable supply chain services.

Peoples Services Inc. is celebrating 108 years of business, running as a family-owned, third-generation-operated company that continues to thrive in today’s 3PL industry. Douglas J. Sibila was elected president and named CEO in 2001, focusing on new growth. Since 2017, the company has made three acquisitions and increased revenues by 44 percent, while improving its net income margin by 89 percent. ●


Ryan Pritt, President | Pritt Entertainment Group

Pritt Entertainment Group, founded 14 years ago, today is a thriving creative agency with 11 full-time team members. Despite significant challenges to its business during the pandemic, PEG has rebounded and is on track for its most successful year yet in both revenue and profitability.

During the pandemic, PEG made significant investments in creating a new permanent office space in the heart of downtown Akron. It renovated two floors of the Carlton Building into its new offices, taking a space that had been vacant for nearly two decades and turning it into one of downtown’s premier office spaces. This is the third office space that it has renovated downtown.

The company continues to create award-winning pieces, picking up its first-ever Emmy Award in 2021 for its work with the city of Akron and took home 24 Addy Awards at the American Advertising Awards. ●


Ryan Pritt, Partner | Pritt Properties

Pritt Properties purchased the historic Carlton Building in the heart of downtown Akron, directly across from Lock 3, in 2018. Built in 1900, the Carlton Building is the oldest building in the central part of downtown Akron and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The building was vacant for two decades before Pritt Properties secured financing to renovate it, transforming the upper floors in 2021 into new, modern, creative office space. It also secured a prominent, nationally known retail first-floor tenant, which will occupy the Main Street-facing space in fall 2022, allowing Pritt Properties to go from beginning construction to fully renovating the building and having it leased to 100 percent occupancy in just a few years.

The company plans for continued growth, with a focus on the Akron area, to bring other historic buildings back to life, transforming them into modern spaces while retaining their historic character. ●


Employee Growth, Technology (Tie)

QualityIP | Ryan Markham, CEO

QualityIP is celebrating 19 years of Managed IT Services and Managed Security Services. From a modest start that focused on Voice-over-IP, the company has grown to over 60 employees with expertise in the key area of information technology.

With specialized teams for Cloud, HelpDesk, onsite support, procurement, security, telecom and more, the roles of account manager, virtual CIO/CISO and business line application gurus work in tandem to provide guaranteed results. Led by CEO Ryan Markham, QualityIP delivers robust IT solutions to help customers stay competitive, with expert advice that simplifies options.

Its core services are built around the IT HelpDesk. QualityIP wants customers to feel like they have an entire IT department ready to resolve their support request, regardless of company size or budget. Customers appreciate the high level of personal interaction through email, Instant Messaging and most important, phone calls. They treat customers how they’d like to be treated. ●


Radcom | Angela Dianetti, President

In 2016, Radcom was still coming to terms with a new business reality after undergoing significant downsizing between 2014 and 2015, as many clients’ technical documentation and training creation budgets dried up.

Leadership challenged the organization to be more creative in its approach to providing value for clients to turn that challenge into a business opportunity. It decided to start a creativity consulting service, helping other leaders unlock their inner creative to look at problems differently and find innovation more easily in reach. Thus, it launched BrainSpark in 2016 but soon realized it was not a good fit. The endeavor taught it a valuable lesson about knowing your niche and building up your business around your passions.

So the company doubled down on becoming the best knowledge transfer partners in the region. It experienced a large uptick in business starting in 2018, and that wave of growth has continued to date. ●


Employee Growth, Technology (Tie)

S3 Technologies LLC | Nancy Larker, President

S3 Technologies LLC is a solutions-based company headquartered in downtown Akron delivering complete technology solutions from concept through installation and support, with projects including security, audio-visual, and networking needs. S3 is a Woman-Owned Business whose management team is 80 percent women.

In 2020, S3 announced the acquisition of Akron-based technology company out of the Bounce Innovation Hub, New Territory, which adds emerging technology to its broad suite of capabilities with a powerful mix of virtual and/or augmented reality solutions. The acquisition of New Territory is an extension of S3’s commitment to fostering innovation and technology prominence and providing opportunities for Akron talent to stay in the community.

Launched in Northeast Ohio over a decade ago, S3 has been proud to serve its community through client work for educational and government centers, local and national businesses, senior living facilities, and a variety of commercial and industrial applications. ●


Sculpt Inc. | Josh Dickey, Founder and CEO

Sculpt Inc. Founder and CEO Josh Dickey always had a passion for sports and fitness and was determined to turn that into his career. However, he wanted to do something bigger than just traveling to houses to train people. He wanted to build a fully functional business, with a strong team.

Since then, Sculpt has built three companies over the last five years. Sculpt Fitness is its personal training gyms, while Sculpt Sports Performance, founded in 2018, houses athlete performance training at multiple locations. And Sculpt Sports Complexes, founded in 2020, has four indoor sports complex facilities.

In the last five years, Sculpt seen tremendous growth due to expansion into new areas with unique opportunities. The company prides itself in doing its best to provide a quality service, and ideal communication with clients and customers makes it easy to use its services and facilities. ●


Sequoia Financial Group LLC | Thomas Haught, President and CEO

Sequoia Financial Group LLC’s mission has always revolved solely around the success of its clients; it exists to Enrich Lives™, and everything it does is in pursuit of that mission. Over the last 18 months, there has been seismic shifting on a global scale.

For Sequoia, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t induce panic or push it into a reactive response strategy. The technological infrastructure at the firm made the transition to working from home nearly seamless. However, what has changed is its level of reliance upon, and efficient use of, its technological tools. All client meetings that were once held in person went virtual, eliminating the security of regular, in-person contact with clients.

The firm’s investment in technology infrastructure gave its advisers the ability to shift to virtual video conferences immediately through Webex, eliminating any lag in communication. The video component supported the trust and connection of an in-person meeting, even in quarantine. ●


USA Precast Concrete | Tim Gesaman, President

USA Precast Concrete is excited to experience significant growth as a manufacturing organization in Canal Fulton, Ohio. It is proud to be in an industry that can locally source and produce its end-products — precast concrete structures.

Its growth means that it can pour more resources into its local suppliers of sand, aggregate, cement and reinforcement. This cycle of local growth and sustainability makes it incredibly proud of its product. Precast concrete is combination of art and science, formed from high-tech computerized equipment and innovatively crafted by skilled workers. And its products arrive at jobsites ready to install, saving time and labor costs.

As the organization grows, it is continuing to expand its team with a wide offering of professional opportunities, including production team members, welders, CDL drivers, forklift operators, mechanics, office team and engineers. The cornerstone of its growth and expansion is its amazing, qualified team. ●