16 steps to win or lose an organizing drive

As unions develop and operate more like big businesses, the same strategies used can be used to prevent them from organizing.

1. Establish regular communication lines with your employees, both at home and on the job.

2. Establish programs for boosting employee loyalty.

3. Know who your informal leaders are within the work force. Their influence is present at all times. A company should attempt to utilize this to its advantage.

4. Have very clear work rules, including a no solicitation rule. Make sure your employees are aware of these rules.

5. Pay attention to your supervisors. Keep them well informed and do all you can to better their relationship with their subordinates.

6. Train supervisors as to your policies and procedures. Be sure they have ready access to a policy/procedures manual.

7. Review all company benefits periodically with your supervisors.

8. Keep records of good performances by employees.

9. Make sure employee lounges and restrooms are safe, reasonably clean, well lit, ventilated and adequate.

10. Review job descriptions frequently to see if they need upgrading due to additional responsibilities.

11. Make sure there are no items in your wage/benefits package that are lagging far behind for your area and your industry.

12. Hasten your plans for improving benefits.

13. Take special care in screening job applicants. Review work histories to determine union affiliations or tendencies.

14. Be firm but fair in your discipline. Employees do not resent being disciplined if they know what they were doing was wrong and the discipline is handled in a professional and courteous manner.

15. Make sure supervisors have good relationships with employees. If they don’t, find out why and rectify it.

16. Employees should be recognized for good performances. They feel more secure when they know their efforts are recognized and appreciated. Source: “Union Prevention,” by Millisor & Nobil Co. LPA

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