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Further, because of the complexity in an M&A transaction, both buyers and sellers should be thinking about the tax ramifications of a deal very early on, well before they plan to sell or acquire a company.
Organizations should talk with their technology provider and ask them to look at their current fax usage to find an alternative method before the analog lines are no longer supported. There are several faxing alternatives that can be put in place and their technology partner can help them make that transition.
Those who purchase a deferred annuity should know liquidity is limited.  The company may let you access a small portion of your money penalty free but any withdrawals above the penalty-free amount will be subject to surrender charges.
Buyers that have constant commodities exposure should always have an eye on the market and regularly keep in touch with their bank so they can act when prices are low.
Restructuring process — when it should be used, what’s involved, and how it helps.


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