Yvonne Campos

Yvonne Campos had a couple of things against her when she started Campos Market Research in 1986.

As a woman, she faced the obstacles most women entrepreneurs faced then, and, at times, still confront now. The other obstacle was a little different. Pittsburgh, the conventional wisdom had it, wasn’t much of a place for market research.

Campos became the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh’s first woman president in 1997. And she didn’t allow preconceptions about the region blunt her enthusiasm for building a market research company. Her client base now includes multinational corporations, nonprofits, health care organizations, financial institutions and trade and professional organizations.

Recently, Campos has confronted the challenges and opportunities posed by the growing use of technology, particularly online technology, to her industry. She’s gone with her strengths and continues to deliver the core research services Campos Market Research has traditionally offered while building large e-mail databases to tap for online focus groups and surveys.

Ray Marano