What's your global IQ?

Even if you have offices in several countries, the answer may not be an automatic ”yes.” Globalization is not necessarily synonymous with multiple locations, and if your division manager thinks domestically, you’re simply a multinational company.

However, you can be a global corporation with the correct mindset, according to Stephen Rhinesmith, founding partner of CDR International and one of the world’s leading experts on global business strategy. Rhinesmith offers four steps for determining your global emotional intelligence quotient:

Cultural self-awareness. The ability to understand what it means to be from the country you’re from. This includes recognizing cultural biases and behaviors.

Cultural adjustment. The ability to self-regulate when you move from one culture to another.

Cross-cultural understanding. The ability to understand how people from other cultures see the world and why.

Cross-cultural effectiveness. The ability to take the three above qualities into account and respond to people in a culturally appropriate way.