Wetlands on the Web

Here are some Web sites that can help you plan your next construction project involving wetlands.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


This site tells you the steps you need to follow for building on undeveloped land, who to contact and background on the Corps of Engineers.

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency


The Ohio EPA’s site has its Wetland Permit Application available online in PDF format. It also includes useful information about what not to do during your project — for example, removing trees and shrubs around wetlands, since that promotes erosion.

The Ohio Wetlands Foundation


This nonprofit group offers wetlands mitigation bank credits with which you can buy wetlands in protected areas to replace land disturbed during construction. There is a database of available lands and how many wetlands credits are left in each area.



If you want to learn everything possible about wetlands, the environmental education Web site Eco-Pros.com has assembled a list of resources that will make you an expert.

HzW Environmental Consultants Inc.


This Mentor-based environmental firm touts its wetlands assessment experts. The site also includes environmental legislation updates.

Ohio Association of Realtors, Wetlands White Paper


This site has an interesting but dated (1990) white paper on wetlands by the Ohio Association of Realtors. While it may not be up-to-date, the study includes a great, simply written overview about how to develop in areas with wetlands.

Compiled by Morgan Lewis Jr.