Ups and downs

(Ups) to the nine 2002 eVolution in Manufacturing honorees. Their development, integration and utilization of e-business solutions goes to show just how much technology is growing up. Next up: Start Trek-style transporters.

(Downs) to AccuSpray. The Bedford Heights paint spray equipment manufacturer’s recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing was due, in large part, to expensive warranty-related issues surrounding a defective product. While investors believe the company should emerge from bankruptcy, they also admit the mistake could have been avoided by extensive pre-market release testing.

(Ups) to Athersys founder Gil Van Bokkelen. As biotechnology begins to take center stage as a key component to Ohio’s business future, Van Bokkelen’s firm is getting endorsements from high places including Ohio Gov. Bob Taft. Let’s hope the thumbs ups sparks greater investment and leads to new industry jobs.

(Downs) to U.S. Rep. James Traficant Jr. No matter what the outcome of his bribery trial, voters in his newly redrawn district should send a message on Election Day. Despite the maverick politician’s outlaw charm, something doesn’t smell right in Denmark, I mean the Mahoning Valley.

(Ups) to Southwest General Health Center. The UHHS-member hospital received the top five-star rating for treatment of heart attacks by a consumer health rating service. HealthGrades compared Southwest’s services against more than 5,000 hospitals nationwide.