Ups and downs

Ups to Scott Roulston. The CEO of Roulston & Co. embarked on a new side career — providing weekly commentary on the national and local economies and investments every Friday morning on WCPN, 90.3.

Downs to Cleveland’s private technology sector, which failed to land a single company on Upside magazine’s ”Hot 100,” a list of the private technology companies most likely to survive and thrive in 2001. It’s yet another letdown for the local industry’s attempts to bolster recognition.

Ups to Cleveland Social Venture Partners, a charitable nonprofit venture fund. The fund, founded by Kathryn Kaczmarski, Robert Crumbaker, John Johnson and Ronald Fountain, aims to apply a venture capital approach — contributing expertise, time and money — to entrepreneurial nonprofit enterprises. A good idea whose time has come.

Downs for, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in late May. The 4-year old dot-com that helps people and groups organize parties and events ran into financial trouble when it was unable to raise funds. Owner Sherri Foxman says she plans to emerge from bankruptcy and continue on. We hope the party’s not yet over.

Ups to Astro Model Development. The Eastlake-based prototyping manufacturer teamed up with Auburn Career Center to provide students with guidance on high-tech prototype manufacturing for Auburn’s Tech Prep Manufacturing Showcase. The assistance resulted in three students’ earning a trip last month to the National Skills USA VICA Competition and demonstrated the importance of businesses getting involved in education.