Ups and downs

(Ups) to OneCleveland. The bold initiative was launched in September 2003 by a collaboration led by CWRU and aims to provide high-speed Internet connections via wired and wireless systems to 75 percent of Cleveland’s residents by 2010 and 99 percent by 2015. Because of the many miles of fiber-optic cables beneath the streets of Cleveland, experts say the project could turn Greater Cleveland into the largest and fastest metropolitan network in the world.

(Downs) to Gov. Bob Taft for signing the concealed gun law. It’s just what every HR manager or CEO needs to be thinking about when disciplining or terminating a problem employee — that he or she could be packing a hidden weapon.

(Ups) to Diebold. The North Canton firm continues to overcome serious questions about the security and effectiveness of its computerized voting machines. At year’s end, Diebold landed a 16-county deal to provide electronic voting services across Ohio. This is just the beginning in the company’s home state, which aims to convert voting systems in all 88 counties and has Diebold on its short list of potential vendors.