Ups and downs

(Ups) to the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland for its aggressive marketing campaign to generate tourism in uncertain times and a shaky economy. While nothing can guarantee tourists — especially when people are wary of travel — it’s nice to see the city being proactive.

(Downs) to employers that jettison employees before looking at other ways to slash and/or contain costs to improve the financial health of their businesses. In other economic conditions, we wouldn’t even consider layoffs as a ”downs,” but in these uncertain times, stability and job security have never been more important.

(Ups) to Margot Copeland, former president and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Roundtable. Copeland this month assumed the position of executive vice president and director of civic affairs and corporate diversity for KeyCorp, as well as chair of the Key Foundation. It’s a role where she can best leverage her unique talents and extensive contacts.

(Ups) to Netgenics’ Manuel Glynias, who dropped his plans for a public stock offering. The move unshackles Glynias so that he can freely discuss plans for the company and get that all-important exposure during a crucial time.

(Ups) to Continental Airlines, which last month reassured civic and business organizations in Greater Cleveland that it was committed to its hub at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It’s gestures like this that reaffirm a company’s strengths and put a community’s fears to rest.