Tips on making 2024 the best year ever

As we say hello to 2024 with the excitement of what is ahead, consider jumpstarting the year with a new view.

It could be a new view in your office, or maybe a new view of one of your strategic plans, or even doing something completely new this year. Here are some ideas. See what resonates with you — or better yet, what stretches your thinking beyond your comfort zone.

Revamp your office. Consider breathing new life into your workspace as you welcome 2024. Swap out the familiar artwork that has adorned your walls for years and replace it with pieces that inspire and invigorate. Personalize your desk with meaningful additions — a snapshot from a recent trip, a favorite family photo, or even a candy dish. An indoor plant not only enhances aesthetics but is also known to boost productivity. Transforming your office environment can have a profound impact on creativity, offering a fresh perspective for the year ahead.

Review your business plan. Some companies work on these in Q4, and others haven’t touched them in years. In either case, a fresh look after the holiday season is a smart move. Does it still serve as a relevant roadmap to get your business where it should be at the end of the year? And for those who don’t have one, now is the time. Even a concise one-page plan is a step toward a successful year ahead.

Evaluate your marketing plan. Much like your business plan, your marketing plan should be reviewed with fresh eyes. The initiatives in your marketing plan should support your business plan. Make sure your tactics are tailored to your target audience and that it’s all built around insights. You need to meet your customers where they are with the right message. If you’re using the same old tactics with the same old message, it’s time to refresh that plan.

Assess your brand platform. The foundation of your marketing and communication efforts lies in your brand platform. Take a moment to evaluate whether your mission, vision and values still align with your company. Evaluate if your brand’s personality and tone of voice shine through in your communications. Confirm that your positioning in the market is not only accurate but also compelling. A strong brand platform is pivotal in shaping the narrative of your business.

Cultivate a new morning routine. The way you start your day sets the tone for everything that follows. Whether at home or in the office, consider establishing a morning ritual that kickstarts your workday on a positive note. This could be as simple as dedicating 15 minutes to enjoying your coffee while checking out your favorite website, or jotting down three key tasks for the day while listening to music. Starting your day right has so many benefits. You’ll be happier, and your team will thank you.

Create a vision board. Embrace the power of visualization by creating a vision board that represents your goals for 2024. This collection of images, whether physical or digital, serves as a powerful reminder of your aspirations. Some believe in the manifestation capabilities of a vision board, while others appreciate the daily dose of joy it brings.

If you found something that sparked your interest even just a little bit, give it a try. 2024 is here. Let’s make it the best year ever! ●

Sue Stabe is Co-founder of Long & Short of It

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