Test your IQ

How much do you really know about your peers? Here are some questions gleaned from articles in last year’s issues of SBN Magazine.

1. What Fairlawn-based company won Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year in the e-services category, shortly after winning the bid to redesign National City Bank’s Web site?

2. All that glitters sometimes can be gold. This retailer, also based in Fairlawn, is the second largest in the country.

3. In October, this well-known restaurateur opened up to us about the recent tragedy at his business.

4. We profiled this person on the cover of our June issue. He runs the largest business advocacy group in the city. Do you know who he is?

5. You may have read about this company in the May issue of SBN in our cover story on dot-coms. Although it was well-funded and well-staffed, we were skeptical even back then about its prototype Web site. Just a couple of months later, the site folded, and, according to many unpaid employees, the owner disappeared overseas. Do you know which e-business this was?

6. When the PIP Printing store went out of business last year on West Market Street, this small local paper and gifts store took over the space.

7. This Akron-area company develops e-commerce applications for the convention and meeting industry. IN July, it won Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur Of The Year award in the business-to-business category. Three months later it laid off 40 employees. Do you know which Twinsburg company this is?

8. Which owner of a chain of coffee shops sold, then bought back, her business from a high-priced investor?

9. This long-standing Akron retailer was forced out of its location through eminent domain. Now, the company is doing better than ever. Do you know what well-known Fairlawn store this is?

10. You may have read about this company on the cover of the December issue of SBN. DuPont, Union Carbide and GE use this local distributor to market their products.


1. Digital Day

2. Sterling Jewelers

3. Bill Crocker, Crocker’s Restaurant

4. Daniel Colantone, president of the Akron Regional Development Board

5. PlanetKnowHow.com

6. Renner’s Invitations & Stationery

7. PlanSoft

8. Linda Smithers, Susan’s Coffee & Tea Inc.

9. Albright’s Accessories and Light

10. Harwick Standard