Tel K. Ganesan, President and CEO, Kyyba Inc.

Tel GanesanFinalist, Staffing & Support Services
Tel Ganesan likes to be told something can’t be done. His response? “Watch me.” This can-do, risk-all attitude has served him well. He tapped all his personal financial resources seven years ago to launch Kyyba Inc., a home-based operation specializing in providing IT and engineering services to companies.
Today, as president and CEO of the Farmington Hills, Mich.-based, multimillion-dollar company, that entrepreneurial leap has paid off. Ganesan has met and exceeded his goals, winning the Inc. 5000 award four years in a row for being one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.
Ganesan has achieved this growth through strategic acquisitions and diversification of services. He consolidated 2007 and 2008 acquisitions under one location in 2009 to streamline company operations, and consolidated further under one company name — Kyyba — in 2010 to bolster the brand. When the financial crisis hit, affecting the company’s primary client base, the automotive sector, Ganesan led the company in diversifying services to fill the sector’s demands generated by workforce reductions.
The staffing company of nearly 200 employees was recently recognized by Corp!Magazine and received the 2012 Michigan Economic Bright Sport Award.
In addition to a dedication to entrepreneurship within his own company, Ganesan encourages the development in others. He formed the Annai Ashramam USA Foundation to raise money to assist women and children with education and the ability to build lives of their own. He is also active in The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), the world’s largest nonprofit group fostering entrepreneurship and assisting individuals with their dreams of opening a business.
Ganesan has served as chairman of TIECon and assisted with the development of the organization’s flagship conference for entrepreneurship.
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