Team building

Building a team is a critical task, one that business leaders must not take for granted. Looking outside your organization for assistance by partnering with a search firm can enable you to assemble a team that will give your company a competitive advantage.

Here are several ways a search firm can help make your dream team a reality.

Best in class

Your dream team requires the best candidate for the job at hand, not the best candidate looking for a job or the best unemployed candidate.

This is imperative because your company’s future depends on it. There’s a good chance that the best candidate for your job is currently contributing his or her skills to another organization’s success.

Partnering with a successful search firm can provide you with the opportunity to interview and hire the best talent, because it will tap into its vast network and market knowledge to search out, qualify and deliver the best candidates in the work force.

No stone left unturned

Where are the candidates who are going to make a difference for your team and give you the advantage you’re seeking?

A knowledgeable search firm understands the current market conditions and industry specific talents and skill sets. Recruiters identify industries, companies and departments that employ the candidates you seek. Then they proactively deliver those qualified candidates to your office.

Stealth process

A search firm will quietly deliver to your doorstep individuals who represent the finest in their fields.

You’re seeking a competitive edge, so your competition doesn’t need to know you’re staffing up for a new product launch or marketing campaign. There’s no reason to advertise your plans or strategies.

And, if you want to replace an individual within your organization, running an advertisement is the last thing you want to do. When Monday comes, you’ll no doubt have to answer questions if an employee sees you’re advertising his or her position in the Sunday paper.

Money in the bank

Time is money, and a search firm can save you both. You’re busy, and have projects, deadlines, a hectic travel schedule and numerous individuals tugging on your sleeves.

A search firm can help manage your search, introducing you to the qualified candidates you’re desperately trying to meet while eliminating the stacks of resumes, e-mail, phone calls and voice mails of unqualified candidates.

Your team’s success is a direct reflection of you, so you need to hire the best. By establishing a relationship with a search firm in the same way you partner with other professionals, such as banks, accountants and law firms, you’ll save time and money, and be well on your way to building that all-important dream team. Shawn Fier ([email protected]) is vice president of Systems Research Inc. Reach him at (847) 585-8006.