Successful communication is worth the time and effort

With over 20 employees in our corporate office and 400 more dispersed throughout six other locations, an effective communication plan is a necessity.
Having a productive chat with someone seems like a simple task, but when you add multiple locations, various communication preferences and a range of ages to the mix, the challenge becomes obvious.
We’ve achieved communication success with the tactics outlined below:
Communication is key
At the start of the day, every single day, our managers meet with our guest service (front line) team members. With the hustle and bustle surrounding the day to come, it is vital to set the time aside. Our team members are updated on new promotions and review the salon’s daily goals.
Understanding what needs to be achieved at the beginning of the day is important for both the team member and the manager, so expectations are completely aligned.
The very next day, successes are shared and opportunities are outlined so the team can refocus their efforts and continue to improve.
Mix up your communication routine
Weekly meetings are held for our salon and spa professionals. These meetings are fun, interactive and aimed to increase morale and promote team building. Our managers hold these, but our team leaders are also given the opportunity to lead.
In addition to sharing important news and promotions, we also take this opportunity to share positive feedback our team members have received. Taking time to switch up our daily routine and go outside, or do a quick activity, boosts morale and engagement.
We also empower our salon and spa professionals to take the lead in “shop talks.” These informative sessions allow a technical professional to share a new technique, trend, product or skill.
We’ve found that the peer-to-peer communication resonates, leads to interactive dialogue and ultimately team-building. It also builds cross-functional team communication so that all departments stay informed.
Meet your employees’ needs
Having the opportunity to speak with one another in person is always ideal, but with such a large company, it’s important to make communication options accessible for everyone. We have implemented both a texting service and a private Facebook page.
We want to ensure that our communication is being received, so when we noticed that a quick text was more effective than an email or memo, it made perfect sense to transition to text.
Our employees can opt in to receive updates from our corporate team so news is available right at their fingertips. Our Facebook page allows for dialogue between two people, or groups of people.
With so many of our employees being active on social media, it made sense to give them with a way to provide suggestions and ask questions how and when it’s convenient for them.
Creating a successful communication plan takes time and effort, but once in place, it allows for productive leadership and leads to greater connectivity among employees.

Whether you’re the leader of a big business or work closely with just a few, everyone wins with effective communication in the workplace.

Debra Penzone is the President and CEO of The Charles Penzone Salons. Debra’s expertise as a business leader, hair professional and her avid philanthropy have earned her the respect of the salon industry and the nonprofit community.