Student intuition

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders — if they stick around, that is. SBN Magazine visited the classrooms of Cleveland State University and Myers University, where students spoke on issues ranging from creating new tax revenue to strengthening education institutions. Here are two students’ thoughts.
Don Kolojek: Junior, 38, Myers University, finance and operations management major. LaGrange resident and Cleveland native.
“If you talk about the future of Cleveland, the answer lies in creating partnerships between the city and its major corporations,” Kolojek says. “Get the corporations involved and money coming into programs to keep Cleveland’s graduates in Cleveland. If they stay here, they’ll spend their money here.
“Also, downtown has had revitalization, but the mayor needs to put money into the residential areas. Part of that revitalization is creating more affordable housing — it’s all tied together.”
Cindy Yohman: Senior, 40, Cleveland State University, finance major. Strongsville native and resident.
“The two things Mayor Campbell needs to work on simultaneously are the flight of businesses out of Cleveland and improving educational programs,” Yohman says. “To keep people here, you need to hire people from here. But that’s not possible without a foundation of educated workers.
“The educated people leave and take their experience knowledge with them. A better school district means a larger pool of resources for area businesses to chose from. Right now, too many people in the marketplace don’t even have basic skills.
“A formal mentoring program between large corporations and area students would also help increase the work force.”

Deborah Garofalo