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Chad Reynolds, CEO, Reynolds Protection

Providing a quality security service is what Reynolds Protection has sought out to do the past five years.
An agency based in Dallas, we service the entire state with security officers, armed guards and personal protection officers. Also known as bodyguards, those more familiar with the industry say “executive protection.” Across the great state of Texas, you will spot our employees in places such as high-rise lobbies, banks, medical clinics and even guarding million-dollar homes. Our clientele ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small mom-and-pop store fronts.
All of our licensing, schooling and training is given and governed by the Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Bureau. Given the serious nature of our business, the PSB and DPS closely monitor our employees, training and business practices. Every single guard at Reynolds Protection is a licensed and approved officer by the DPS & PSB. They have all had excellent training, testing and passing scores by advanced security schools and given their DPS credentials.
Protecting the executive
If you’re a prominent executive worth a substantial amount of money, we promise you that right now as you read this article, there is a professional criminal in your town who keeps notes on you, your kids, your wife, your cars, your nannies, etc. They have your daily routines memorized. They know where your kids go to school, where your wife likes to shop and eat lunch with her friends. They would love nothing more than to pounce on your family for their financial gain.
But kidnappings and theft are not the only dangers! Anger and retaliation are also a constant concern for today’s executive. The high-level executive is forced to make decisions that could spark media attention or make decisions that may result in people losing jobs. It only takes one disgruntled person finding the one unlocked door or one unsecured entrance to end your life.
Becoming one of Texas’ best fastest-growing security firms — with more than 100 employees and executive protection clientele ranging from CEOs, foreign dignitaries and nearly 100 celebrities. No doubt you’ve seen our guys on the news and didn’t know it was us.
Terminating employees
Henderson, Kentucky. Meridan, Mississippi. Wakefield, Massachusetts. These are just a few of the painful reminders of deadly violence in the workplace. We’ve all heard these horror stories about disgruntled employees getting fired from their job and then coming back to shoot their boss and co-workers. The sad part is, these situations could have been avoided if proper security measures were taken.
This is where Reynolds Protection steps in. Our entire crew has been trained in these situations and are all Level 4 Protection Officers, commissioned by the state. With such large corporations laying people off in cities like Austin, Dallas and Houston, it’s really no surprise that this has become the majority of our job assignments lately. Don’t take any chances with you and your employees’ well-being.
Remember, when you realize that you need security quickly, it’s usually too late.
Chad Reynolds entered the security industry at a young age as a gaming commission officer, assigned to the fast-paced world of the casino industry. His role at the casino was like something you’d see in a Hollywood movie, such as escorting high-roller entourages into the Main Cage to the likes of delivering chained cases filled with money to Soft Count.
When Chad and his wife Christy moved to Dallas, they started Reynolds Protection. At first, their goals were small and simply wanted their own business license so Chad could operate as a freelance bodyguard. They never would have guessed that it would turn into what is now one of Texas’ best and fastest-growing security firms — with more than 100 employees and executive protection clientele ranging from CEOs, foreign dignitaries and nearly 100 celebrities.
His licensing and certifications are currently held through Texas’ Department of Public Safety. His original security training was in Mississippi by a private security team. He has since continued his training by the Private Security Bureau and ASIS.
You can reach Reynolds Protection at (214) 614-8181 or