Pamela Browner-Crawley

At the vanguard of the campaign to forge Citizens Bank as a household name is Pamela Browner-Crawley, senior vice president and director of public affairs, who came on board last December.

Virtually unknown in Pittsburgh until it acquired Mellon Bank’s retail operations last year, Citizens faces the task of making itself familiar to customers who are accustomed to the names of other long-time players in the market. Browner-Crawley says the bank’s extensive branch system and community involvement make that task achievable.

An experienced communications pro, Browner-Crawley, 41, started her career in broadcasting as a radio and television reporter.

“I actually thought I was going to be the next Joan Lunden,” she says.

Instead, she moved into public relations at waste-handling giant Browning-Ferris Industries, where she spent a decade in public relations, business development, government relations and marketing. Before joining Citizens, she was vice president of business and community relations for Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., parent of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Browner-Crawley says Citizens Bank will differentiate itself and solidify its position as a retail bank largely through its grassroots efforts in the region’s communities. She says the bank is committed to civic involvement that goes beyond the cosmetic and is aimed at substantive community improvement, a reason she turned down other offers to join Citizens.

Says Browner-Crawley: “This is a group that’s very concerned about doing the right things for the right reasons.” How to reach: Citizens Bank,