On the move

The time, expense and hassle of setting up a new corporate headquarters, or even satellite locations, can be an overwhelming burden on administrative staff.

To help ease that burden, consider using one of the firms that offers temporary office solutions and provides unique services to businesses on the move.

Marsha Barber, president of Plus 1 Executive Suites Inc., says many companies moving to the area or adding satellite sales offices have used her company’s services. Plus 1 offers suites of work space, furnished or unfurnished, equipped or unequipped, along with phone, Internet and administrative services.

“We provide all the telephone equipment and lines, copy and fax machine and receptionist,” says Barber. “The client can simply move in with nothing but a briefcase.”

Barber says the space is considered Class A because “image is really important.”

Not only are companies spared the time and expense of phone calls to arrange these services, they can be in business in the new location almost immediately, interviewing personnel and meeting with potential clients.

Most companies like Plus 1 offer flexible contracts terms.

“Although the average client stay is about two years, we do have shorter terms, like six months,” says Barber.

The cost per contract depends on how much space a company needs and how deluxe it needs to be.

“We have space starting at $500 per month up to $1000,” says Barber.

Also included in the contract are access to conference and training rooms and a fully furnished kitchen, shared with other tenants.

Barber’s firm is part of a worldwide alliance of such companies called Alliance Business Centers Network, offering advantages to companies opening multiple locations.

“We have 300 locations worldwide,” says Richard Meyers, executive director of the Alliance, headquartered in Santa Ana Heights, Calif. “Our services allow a company to focus on its core competency. We coordinate all the referrals to other locations. It saves the company legal fees, administrative costs and overall time and money.” How to reach: Plus 1 Executive Suites, (614) 761-3200; Alliance Business Centers Network, (800) 869-9595