Red alert

Pauli Hubbard, a certified financial planner, says that since her fiscal crystal ball broke about 19 years ago, she now likens the stock market’s status to a nautical cliché.

“Remember the old adage, ‘red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky at morning, sailors take warning?’ Well, consider this — a consistent rally in the bond market is a harbinger to future consistent rallies in stocks,” says Hubbard, president of Creative Financial Services Inc. in North Canton. “I know it doesn’t rhyme, but if you’re looking for hope in your portfolios this spring, it may be something to consider.”

Hubbard says that, in this market, all the usual results that come from positive actions, such as lowering interest rates, are held in check when fear rules the market.

“So, until there are more glimmers of hope, vs. the ‘irrational’ fear, all the words of wisdom will just be words,” she portends.


Facing the future

With concerns over a slowing economy looming, it is understandable that many business owners would assume a reticent position concerning any type of risky move, especially expanding a stable, well-established business.

But Akron-based Superior Staffing Inc., a temporary staffing agency, has a different outlook when it comes to making risky decisions in the midst of an unstable economy. Along with the decision to grow the business, owner Tom Doll has chosen to expand services by opening an office in Canton.

“The reason we are expanding is that we currently do a little business in Stark County,” explains Doll. “To grow our business, we realize we can’t grow it here in Summit County, we need to expand on the borders of where we already do business.”

Doll chose Stark County because of the connections Superior Staffing has established in Green, North Canton and Canton.

“That’s why we chose Stark County, because we have some relationships there. Some people will know of us already and we think that will help,” he says.

With only 21 employees, Superior Staffing is not the biggest staffing agency. But, with a solid reputation in the Akron area, Doll is optimistic about the company’s expansion opportunities and says now is the time for action.

“We are building on what we have done in Akron, which will help the clients we already have in the Canton area,” says Doll.

Today’s rapidly changing business world is risky enough without the added pressure of a slowing economy. But while most other companies are holding their breathe in anticipation of a brighter economic future, Superior Staffing vows to venture into new territory with confidence.