Michael Sheldon, president and CEO, Network Hardware Resale LLC

Finalist — Distribution & Manufacturing
Founded in a garage in 1986 by former IBM executive Chuck Sheldon, Network Hardware Resale LLC grew from the ground up with a focus on selling the best pre-owned networking equipment at faster response times and with lower failure rates than original equipment manufacturers. By 1996 the company, a reseller of pre-owned network equipment and life cycle solutions, was a pioneer in the secondary market.
In keeping with the legacy started more than 25 years ago, Michael Sheldon, the company’s current president and CEO, has expanded and evolved the business, which has the largest inventory of pre-owned networking equipment.
Helping to remove the stigma and legitimize the value of the secondary market, Sheldon made investments in technology and machinery to ensure customers get rigorously tested equipment that delivers immediate value right out of the box.
During the height of the 2008 recession, IT departments were looking to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality and resilience of their networks. Sheldon saw an opportunity for growth, and, as many businesses were contracting, he was able to grow revenue by 20 percent between 2008 and 2010. He also expanded operations by opening an office in London and grew its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Singapore to include a new 19,000-square-foot facility.
In 2011, the company relocated to a 99,000 squarefoot headquarters site, tripling its inventory capacity and doubling the size of its original home base in Santa Barbara. The company also achieved its strongest sales in its history.
Looking ahead, Sheldon plans to expand the business and its core expertise by executing strategic partnerships with vendors while continuing to deliver quality products to global customers.
How to reach: Network Hardware Resale LLC, www.networkhardware.com