Making sure employees are trained and ready for the job

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JoAnn Breedlove, Business Service Manager, The Employment Source

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spoke to JoAnn Breedlove, Business Service Manager at The Employment Source, about an on-the-job training program that helps employers ensure that new hires are integrated in their new positions and productive as quickly as possible.
What is the On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program?
The On-the-Job Training Program is a federally funded program that helps employers hire and train laid-off workers for full time, long term employment. OJT helps workers become more proficient in needed skills more quickly, which will serve to encourage employers to hire workers sooner than perhaps initially planned, facilitating the hiring of well-qualified individuals who may need additional experience to contribute to their bottom line and spur economic recovery.
How does it benefit area employers?
Through the OJT Program, employers may receive 50 percent of the wage rate of an eligible new trainee to help compensate for the cost of training them in the specific skills they will need to help a business thrive. Employers receive affordable hands-on training tailored to their needs, electronic forms for easier access, fast turn-around and an investment in their company.
Are there any employer requirements?
To qualify, an employer must offer a wage of $10 per hour or more, a full time work schedule and have a fringe benefit package available. This is for direct hires, so no subcontracted or third-party employees are permitted, and an OJT agreement must be developed prior to the start of employment.
Are there any employee candidate requirements?
All OJT employee candidates must be assessed and found eligible and suitable by The Employment Source for each particular position.
What type of funding is available?
Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Total reimbursement to the employer cannot exceed $8,000.
How is the length of training determined?
The length of the training period will be based on the trainee’s current aptitude compared with skills needed to perform the job.  Length of training cannot exceed six months.
How does it benefit job seekers?

OJT is an excellent vehicle for individuals to build their skills, to re-establish themselves in new fields and to increase employment retention and self-sufficiency. It is an opportunity for participants to earn and learn, which means they will develop applicable occupational skills while earning a paycheck.
For more information on the OJT Program, contact JoAnn Breedlove, Business Services Manager for The Employment Source, at (330) 491-2645 or [email protected]
To see if your business qualifies for the program, visit The Employment Source website at, and click directly to Additional Employer Services.
The Employment Source is Northeast Ohio’s premier workforce development and training center that connects job seekers with employers. The Business Services Department offers the following fee-free recruiting services to employers:
–      Recruiters to pre-screen resumes to your qualifications
–      Professional and confidential on-site interview and conference rooms to assist with your recruitment needs
–      Mass recruiting assistance
–      Free advertising
–      Recruiting qualified professionals locally and nationally
We also can assist with:
–      Outplacement
–      Labor market Information
–      Information on federal programs
–      Community resource contacts
–      On-the-job training
–      Incumbent Worker Training
–      Job fit assessment system
–      Meeting affirmative action and federal contractor requirements
To place a job order:

  1. Complete the Employer Profile and Job Order forms at (click on Employers)
  2. Fax or e-mail forms to one of our two locations:

Stark County
(330) 491-2650
[email protected]
Tuscarawas County
(330) 602-2858
[email protected]
JoAnn Breedlove is the Business Service Manager at The Employment Source. Reach her at (330) 491-2645 or [email protected] in Stark County, or in Tuscarawas County contact Barb Ventura at (330) 364-9777 or [email protected]