Making a connection

Charles Rotuno would be happy if he never heard the telephone ring again.

That’s why he built a company that threatens to displace the telephone as a necessary means of business transactions in order to revolutionize the auto parts market. Rotuno believes that bringing the auto parts business online has prevented human error from rendering the sales process inefficient.

“I firmly believe we have an organization that’s built products to solve real problems in the automotive marketplace,” says Rotuno, CEO of OE Connection.

For the past two years, his company has distributed software that simplifies original equipment auto parts transactions, allowing buyers and sellers to search for products efficiently.

OE Connection has been profitable for nine consecutive months. The elimination of phones, faxes and shipping on returns and reorders has reduced cycle time and produced an effective business venture.

“We continue to sign on dealers and see those dealers rely on the product more and more,” says Rotuno.

There are more than 10,000 dealerships registered as members on the site, 10,000 users online every day and 12 manufacturers participating, including Jaguar and Land Rover. The subscription renewal rate is nearly 100 percent.

OE Connection’s technology provides the market with both a supply chain location and an order management tool to create more accuracy in transactions between dealers and collision shops.

Software products available to qualified subscribers include D2D link, a parts locator and Collision Link, an order processor. D2D Express, a program that locates parts and fills out dealer back orders for manufacturers, is the next product release.

“We are owned by four outstanding partners that show a common vision for what our business is about,” says Rotuno.

Although its partners Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and ProQuest Co. are automotive giants, OE Connection maintains a small business atmosphere by hiring local people.

Rotuno believes the problem-solving skills of his employees are key the success of OE Connection.

“The talent pool we have is second to none,” he says. How to reach: OE Connection, (888) 776-5792 or