Gary Schottenstein takes care of his customers, team members at Schottenstein Real Estate Group

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The hours aren’t as important as the efficiency and performance.
“We don’t necessarily require someone to work a lot of long hours and overtime hours,” Schottenstein says. “We would rather have you work smarter and better; quality of time is more important than quantity of time on the job.”
So, how can you measure someone’s performance without just looking at the hours they put in?
If someone is in leasing or sales, Schottenstein says it’s pretty apparent by how much they are selling. Otherwise, working smarter means being focused, and not wasting time.
“When you’re at work, you have to be able to put your personal life behind you somewhat — you have to be able to focus,” he says, “and keep yourself aligned with what the company wants you to do.”


  • Build honest, open relationships, so your integrity is unquestioned.
  • Hire people who have passion beyond the paycheck.
  • Encourage staff to work smarter, not longer.


The Schottenstein File:

Name: Gary Schottenstein
Title: Chairman and CEO
Company: Schottenstein Real Estate Group
Born: Columbus
Education: Bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in accounting from The Ohio State University.
What was your first job, and what did you learn from it? My first job was really working construction and maintenance for apartment communities, and what I learned was to appreciate the hard work done by all the contractors and laborers. When you’re out there you can see how hard people work — and primarily working with their hands.
What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received? The best business advice I ever received was from my father, Irving Schottenstein. He said to always care about your customers and try to treat them fairly and honestly.
Who do you admire in business? I admire people who are able to be successful in business, but also successful in their family life and have time to give back to the community, the city and to charitable organizations.
What does business success mean to you? It’s not just one word or something. I would say: No. 1, enjoying your work and the people that you work with; No. 2, would be accomplishing project goals, including building households which can appeal to and satisfy the residents; and No. 3 would be to develop communities which enhance the overall city and state where it’s located.
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