Lawyer Advocate

Most small business people well appreciate the value of a talented and enthusiastic attorney, both to help with the start up and to provide counsel as the enterprise grows. Among attorneys who specialize in small business, Scott Kennedy is considered one of the best.

A partner in the law firm of Dodaro, Kennedy & Cambest, Kennedy has a special interest in the vitality of small business because it is a major force in helping communities revitalize themselves, fostering the creation of new products and opportunities, and generating worthwhile employment.

He is known for his professional, philanthropic and advocacy activities on behalf of small business and routinely works with dozens of state and federally funded organizations that channel low-interest grant money to small business entrepreneurs.

Kennedy is a popular speaker in the educational, financial and business arenas. He also is a stalwart at SBA Quality Circle meetings, where he advises entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of SBA loan documentation.

A resident of Bethel Park, Kennedy was born in France, where his father was stationed as a military pilot. He returned to his family’s hometown of Uniontown in 1960 at age 2.

He graduated from Washington and Jefferson College before entering the Duquesne University School of Law. He was admitted to the bar in 1983, and worked as a solo practitioner and as an associate in two law firms before joining Dodaro, Kennedy & Cambest 10 years ago.

He is a certified closing attorney for the SBA 504 Program, a member of the National Association of Development Companies and a member of the Western Pennsylvania Association of Guaranteed Lenders.

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