Keep 'em satisfied

Randstad North America, a $1.5 billion employment services company, commissioned a survey of more than 2,600 workers to learn what they want from their work experience. Here’s some of what the survey, released this spring, revealed:

* Nine out of 10 employees say true success is about being trusted to get the job done. They say trust reflects an employer’s confidence in them and makes them feel successful, more than money or a title do.

* After trust, employees rank opportunity to do the type of work they want to do (84 percent) and autonomy to make decisions that affect their own work (81 percent) on the list of factors that define success in the workplace.

* 64 percent say balancing work and personal life is a high priority.

* Employees say the idea of having flexibility in the hours worked is the most appealing of all possible work situations.

* Six in 10 say it would be great if an employer helped them think about a career; more than three-quarters say finding a company where they want to work for a long time is important.

* More than 80 percent say that receiving training that increases their skills and abilities is a key component of what they are really looking for in their jobs. For more results from the study, go to