Influence with ease

Often, salespeople talk around questions in order to return to their carefully scripted message during a sales call. But this can backfire if a prospect wants a direct answer.

To enhance your credibility, first answer the question directly, then elaborate. Too often, when responding to questions, people begin by explaining all the background to their answer.

Eventually, they get around to answering the question. This gives the impression of skirting the issue and has been referred to as ”sounding like a politician.”

Answering questions directly and then elaborating gives others the impression that you are direct, decisive and confident. It also will show your prospect that your company is direct, decisive and confident in its ability to deliver.

And isn’t that one of the key issues that people weigh when choosing your products or service? Jeff Mowatt ([email protected]) is a 20-year veteran of the service industry who develops training programs and consults to business owners looking to improve their staff’s service. He can be reached at (800) 566-9288.