How Theodore Koenig went from lawyer to lender with Monroe Capital

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Theodore L. Koenig, founder, president and CEO, Monroe Capital, LLC
Theodore L. Koenig, founder, president and CEO, Monroe Capital, LLC

Financial Services
After more than a decade of practicing law, Theodore “Ted” Koenig wanted a more entrepreneurial role as a career. He saw a market opportunity for an innovative, non-bank lender that was free from regulatory constraints.
With his experience and understanding of banking, as well as his relationships with middle market bankers and private equity firms, Koenig established a joint venture asset-based lending finance business.
After a successful four years, Koenig decided to leave the company and venture on his own to create something bigger. To Koenig’s surprise and as a testament to his leadership, all eight employees left with him to be a part of his vision.
Striving to maintain the highest professional standards for himself and the firm, Koenig is a frequent lecturer to high profile business and financial trade organizations on topics ranging from the current environment for senior and junior secured debt to the structuring of leveraged loan transactions and acquisitions of troubled companies. He was recently selected as the 2012 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year by The Alliance of Mergers & Acquisition Advisors.
Koenig has successfully navigated the firm through three difficult business cycles, including the recent recession, when the majority of Monroe Capital’s competitors, such as hedge funds, banks, finance companies and other private investment firms, were shuttered.
While his competitors closed, Koenig sought to invest and grow his business so that when the downturn ended, Monroe Capital was in an even greater position of strength. Throughout the up-and-down business cycles over the last 10 years, Monroe continues to provide top-tier investment performance to its limited partners while remaining a consistent source of financing to its borrowers and private equity sponsor relationships.
Koenig prides himself and his team on developing and maintaining longstanding relationships within the middle market. He is a strong believer in personal relationships and takes a hands-on approach with everyone.
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