How Strike sees 65 percent compounded annual growth with Stephen Pate at the helm

Stephen V. Pate, CEO and chairman, Strike LLC
Stephen V. Pate, CEO and chairman, Strike LLC

Construction & Industrial Services
Stephen V. Pate

CEO and chairman
Strike LLC

Over the past 10 years, Stephen Pate has worked hard to create a company culture around eight pillars that make up the foundation of Strike LLC: safety, excellence, quality, accountability, performance, integrity, passion and long‐term relationships.
With his focus that success is not achieved by a single individual but rather by the organization as a whole, Strike has accomplished a 65 percent year-over-year compounded annual growth rate, a testament to Pate’s ability to take risks during times of uncertainty.
For instance, in 2009 while many companies were sitting on cash due to market place instability, he invested in significant resources to create a state‐of‐the‐art cost‐tracking portal for the pipeline and facilities construction company.
This portal has proven to be a competitive advantage for Strike as it provides transparency to the client’s job cost.
Additionally, when companies were strategically eliminating employee benefits due to economic uncertainty, Pate created a fitness program to inspire and motivate employees.
Since its inception in 2003, Strike has created various business units with more than 15 locations throughout North America, which have helped drive Strike to become one of the leading single‐source energy services providers.
Pate understands that his is a “people” business, and he passionately cares about not only his customers who pay the bills, but also each of his employees whose safety and happiness is of utmost importance.
Even in times of economic downturns, when other companies cut employee benefits, Pate stayed adamant to “do right by all” and although the easy answer to save money and improve the bottom line would be to take the cost-cutting route, Pate did not. Strike even increased wellness programs to encourage employees when a need was noted. Pate has always believed in Strike’s vision and through its growing years, his personal investment and that of the Pate family funded the company.
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