How Michael Romano leads Associated with emphasis on supply chain solutions

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Michael Romano, president and CEO, Associated
Michael Romano, president and CEO, Associated

Having taken over as CEO of Associated, Michael Romano began to evaluate ways to set the company apart from the competition. He decided there should be some changes. As a result, the past three years for the company have been the most transformative by far in its history.
But in making a change in direction, Romano encountered some static from the managers who were not sure the change in the company’s business model would be a success.
It was a challenge to shift the way of thinking for many tenured employees from seeing themselves as a “Raymond Forklift Distributor” to being professionals delivering integrated supply chain solutions.
The Associated team, led by the efforts of Romano, had to sell the idea to its own people, and ensure that its people believed in the vision before taking it to the public. Associated has proven to be resilient, taking on this transformation during a time of economic uncertainty, and as a result of all these investments and changes, the company is now recognized as a leader within the industry, setting the standard for quality and solution offerings.
In the last couple of years, Romano has implemented a transparent, well-defined and standardized performance management process for Associated employees. The company’s strategy is to create standards, implement those standards, and reward employees, believing that these efforts will ultimately benefit their customers. The company also prides itself on promoting from within.
In order to meet market demands, Romano believes that each employee must understand, embrace, project and consistently employ practices that effectively convey Associated’s brand promise.
This is achieved by participating in all branding focused educational events, working with marketing to develop programs that will allow the company’s technicians and field service mangers to enhance the perceived value to customers by promoting the brand, and participating in relevant industry-related educational events.
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