How Mark Montgomery surpassed a disadvantage to take Axium to new levels

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Health Care
Mark Montgomery
President and CEO
Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Inc.
Mark Montgomery knew it would be tough to launch a new business in a competitive market, but he also faced another disadvantage. Although he had become a successful entrepreneur, he did not have the scientific knowledge of clinical pharmacy — the specialty he wanted to enter.
Montgomery took the approach of being transparent in this disadvantage through his business ventures and by hiring highly educated and trained people who understood the technical aspects of clinical pharmacy, his disadvantage has not been an issue. Two years after beginning an executive consulting relationship with Axium’s owners, he was hired as president and CEO which included an ownership position.
With his “people first” mentality, he has taken risks that have led to rewards. Despite past deficits in cash flow, Montgomery has not sacrificed the quality of Axium employees and their benefits. He does not sacrifice quality over quantity as well as compensation.
Montgomery holds a high regard for the culture he has created and provides employees the resources necessary in the areas of IT, human resources, legal compliance and accounting. He values their expertise and this has led to the continued investment in his people. This reputation has attracted a seasoned member of the FDA among other highly trained clinical pharmacists.
His leadership abilities do not stop at the employee level; Montgomery seeks opportunities to expand through mergers and acquisitions. In December, Axium was purchased by the Kroger Co., the fifth largest pharmacy in the U.S. This transaction will help Kroger become a specialized pharmacy, while aiding in Axium’s geographical retail expansion.
Such a “big risk-big reward” approach has been the backbone of Axium. This knowledge of business and entrepreneurial tactics has overcome Montgomery’s lack of scientific pharmaceutical training and has lead Axium down the path of success.
As Montgomery’s manta says, “Success is measured by outcomes, and outcomes are attained through understanding and action.”
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