How Mark Arnold makes the time to keep GSE Environmental as an industry leader

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Mark C. Arnold, president and CEO, GSE Environmental
Mark C. Arnold, president and CEO, GSE Environmental

Distribution & Manufacturing
Mark C. Arnold
President and CEO
GSE Environmental
When the weekend draws near, the thoughts of many people turn to upcoming family gatherings, dinner reservations, tickets to the show or maybe even the possibility of getting a tee time at the country club.
But for Mark Arnold, many of his weekends find him doing something a lot more intense than any of these fun-filled activities.
As an active member of the U.S. Armed Forces, Arnold serves as a brigadier general in the U.S. Army Reserve. When the weekends are over, it’s back to work as president and CEO at GSE Environmental.
Fortunately for Arnold, he’s proven quite adept at balancing the two leadership roles.
Arnold enlisted in the Army after high school and quickly volunteered for a Special Forces Paratroop Unit where he eventually became a Green Beret officer.
His military training has given him the ability to deal with challenges and work effectively with people to make things work in his organization.
Arnold firmly believes that the ability to be adaptive in meeting customer needs, adjusting to unexpected obstacles, and implementing new ideas is absolutely essential to GSE’s success.
He believes in empowering the organization’s people across all job functions to promote innovative thinking and a unifying commitment to the company’s success and future.
Arnold conveys this message every day through a rigorous schedule in which he is constantly working closely with customers and colleagues around the globe to move the company forward.
By providing a voice to every person through his ideation sessions where he emphasizes that he is only one voice and one vote in the room, Arnold is able to retain employees. It promotes collaboration and gives each person an opportunity to speak up and let their feelings be heard about the topic at hand.
When he isn’t at work or on reserve duty, Arnold makes sure he has time for his family. He also continues to be active with Ohio University, his alma mater.
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