How Jonathan Klein and Luis Luque fashion Cimation as a progressive brand and company

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Jonathan Brett Klein, CEO and co-founder, Cimation
Jonathan Brett Klein, CEO and co-founder, Cimation

Jonathan Brett Klein
CEO and co-founder

Luis Luque
CEO and director
In a decidedly old-school industry, oil and gas, Jonathan Klein and Luis Luque are a breath of fresh air. They have worked hard to build Cimation as both a company and a brand with a specific identity and corporate message unlike many of its competitors.
Luis Luque, CEO and director, Cimation
Luis Luque, CEO and director, Cimation

Where other companies may scoff at marketing as expensive and unnecessary, both understand the importance of a cohesive, modern marketing strategy. This initiative enables Cimation to compete with Fortune 500 technology companies for top industry talent and has helped earn business accolades even beyond the energy sector.
They have created an energetic environment where people truly love to work. All employees are encouraged to pitch new business ideas and are rewarded for their success along the way. Employees are not confined by their job title; instead, they are urged to seek out training opportunities and develop expertise across multiple areas.
The collaborative work environment at Cimation encourages employees to offer critical insights and constructive feedback. Recently, in a strategic rollout across all of Cimation’s offices, Klein, Luque and their executive team launched a series of focus groups centered on key business areas. These contributions to the overarching company goals increased engagement at the grassroots level and improved employee satisfaction.
Klein and Luque believe — and Cimation’s sustained success attests to it — that empowered, engaged and appreciated employees are more productive and work harder to support the ambitions of the entire company.
The duo cofounded Cimation in 2009 at the height of the recession when most businesses were struggling to remain open. Nevertheless, theyhave led the company to success from day one, increasing revenue, profits, head count and industry accolades year upon year.
They recently spearheaded an intellectual property initiative that will see Cimation developing new packaged technology solutions and other forms of intellectual property in the near future. Although a risky move in an industry overcommitted to underperforming technology, their vision of Cimation as a truly “great” company demands that they continue to push the envelope.
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