How John Schiller followed his vision and charged up Energy XXI

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John D. Schiller Jr., founder, chairman and CEO, Energy XXI
John D. Schiller Jr., founder, chairman and CEO, Energy XXI

Exploration & Production
John D. Schiller Jr.
Founder, Chairman and CEO
Energy XXI

John D. Schiller Jr. can testify that following a vision tirelessly and unwaveringly will help take your company through challenging times, such as the recent recession.
Schiller, founder, chairman and CEO of Energy XXI can trace the source of his perseverance to a core set of ideals that were engrained in his mind during his formative years — those being his Texas A&M University-influenced ethics, sports- instilled teamwork and innate spirit.
Schiller’s idea that focused teamwork, aimed at a strategic goal will produce the best results, comes in a large part from his many years playing team sports. That chance to win is essential to take on risk, as seen from the beginning of Energy XXI when Schiller raised public capital with nothing more than an idea. Energy XXI had no assets, no revenues and virtually no employees. However, Schiller’s fearless nature and perseverance drove him to make unconventional idea become a reality.
Not only is he a calculated risk taker but he is also an innovator and independent thinker. Schiller invested the initial money that he raised in a package of oil rich properties in the Gulf of Mexico, which became the core assets of Energy XXI, at a time when most other Gulf producers were looking to exit the Gulf field.
Since he launched Energy XXI, Schiller has continued to focus on the core idea upon which the company was founded — to “acquire and exploit” undervalued oil properties. This practice has offered a new take on the matter: while other companies within the industry were paying premium prices to acquire onshore natural gas properties, Schiller was purchasing large mature oil fields at a discount.
Energy XXI has focused on acquiring mature properties that were starved for capital, investing in these fields, and using the cash flow to buy additional properties. Energy XXI has had a record of growth, completing five major acquisitions since its founding in October 2005.
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