How Joel Bomgar took a personal problem and found a fix that has helped millions in Bomgar

Joel Bomgar, founder and CEO, Bomgar
Joel Bomgar, founder and CEO, Bomgar

Joel Bomgar
Founder and CEO

Joel Bomgar was great at fixing computers, but the unbillable time he spent traveling from one client site to the next was making it pretty tough to make any money.
He decided there had to be a better way and after realizing there wasn’t a good product on the market, he went to work to develop his own solution.
He developed his own remote support software that enabled him to troubleshoot customers’ computers through the Internet from the comfort of his own desk.
More importantly, he didn’t have to drive anywhere to identify these problems.
Over the past decade, that piece of software has evolved into the Bomgar Box, a robust remote support solution now used by nearly 7,000 organizations in 65 countries worldwide.
As the founder and CEO of the company which he named after himself, Bomgar has forged his success by focusing on the niche remote support market versus diversifying. He targets large enterprises instead of consumers and produces an appliance-based solution instead of software as a service.
The company itself has a positive, fast-paced culture that is family friendly and is based on Bomgar’s own values and desire to work in a place he believes to be “the best place on the planet.”
Innovation is a priority for Bomgar and he gives employees the freedom to create as long as it feeds the company’s primary goal of improving tech support. This freedom within focus approach allows product engineers and developers to explore futuristic ideas while keeping everyone moving toward the same end goal.
There is also great freedom when it comes to choosing philanthropic causes to support. Bomgar wants employees to support causes that are important to them personally. The Bomgar Care Network is a rotating team that solicits ideas for philanthropic activities from employees and then leads activities in support of those programs. The company also donates its technology to nearly 100 missions around the world.
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