How Jessica Firestone’s experience in secondary telecom equipment is growing Tempest Telecom Solutions

Jessica Firestone, president and CEO, Tempest Telecom Solutions, LLC
Jessica Firestone, president and CEO, Tempest Telecom Solutions, LLC

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Jessica Firestone founded Tempest Telecom Solutions, LLC in July 2005 because she felt a woman-owned business in the telecom network equipment sector could be successful given the growing attention to diversity at the leading Tier 1 operators. She also had a strong interest in reuniting a specific team of individuals who had all successfully worked together.
Tempest is a leading provider of telecom infrastructure equipment and related services, helping service providers and network operators build, expand and maintain their networks faster and more cost-effectively.
Firestone has extensive sales experience in the secondary equipment market. Her career evolved quickly in sales and sales leadership positions because of her energy and intuitive understanding of her customers. Tempest meets the need for cutting-edge technology support as well as repairing and supporting hardware that is no longer under manufacturer warranty.
An example is the current 2G/3G/4G cell phone trends, in which Tempest is involved in decommissioning 2G infrastructure, repairing and maintaining 3G infrastructure as it ages out of manufacturer’s warranty, and installing and expanding 4G networks nationwide, with a thorough understanding of various local and state security and emergency services response regulations.
Tempest’s positioning within the current 4G-conversion trend is unique, as the company is able to leverage experiences gained with larger nationwide and international cell carriers and translate those solutions into smaller-scale answers for its regional clients. Because of this positioning, Tempest is also able to anticipate the direction of the industry.
Within the repair and maintenance aspect of the business, the company strives to create replacement parts that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer component. Replacement parts are shipped with all cables and components in place, ready to use.
Tempest’s creativity and innovative nature helps to differentiate the company. Known for being flexible, customer centric, and always willing to go beyond normal obstacles to dig deeper and solve customer challenges, the company is poised for further success.
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