How James Frischhertz serves as the rock for his family and employees at Frischhertz Electric

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James Joseph Frischhertz, president, Frischhertz Electric Co., Inc.
James Joseph Frischhertz, president, Frischhertz Electric Co., Inc.

Construction & Industrial Services
James Frischhertz
Frischhertz Electric Co. Inc.

It was a moment of professional accomplishment tinged with a deep sense of personal loss. James Frischhertz had been thrust into the role of president at Frischhertz Electric Co. Inc. after the untimely death of his brother, Bernard Jr.
His first thought was to throw himself into his work and be on the job 12 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, he only took two days off the entire year, one for Christmas and one for Mardi Gras.
He needed to keep the company afloat, protect jobs and maintain everything that was already in motion while he simultaneously tried to develop a new business plan that more closely fit his vision for the company.
Over the next two decades, he presided over tremendous growth with the development of two new business entities: Frischhertz Technologies and Frischhertz Services. He also purchased an audio company called SoundWorks.
In 2005, he dealt with tragedy again when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast. Company operations were paralyzed, but Frischhertz was up to the challenge once again.
Within days, he had set up an office in Baton Rouge and tapped relationships he had built over the years to get his hands on some generators.
Under his strong and empowering leadership, employees began to put their lives back together and as soon as they could relocate back to New Orleans, the company got back on its feet too.
People aren’t just a tool that Frischhertz uses to build his business or a group that he touches every once in a while for show. His leadership is truly inclusive, whether it’s recovering from a disaster, holding his family together during tough times or helping his employees to do the best they can on the job.
He understands how the smaller touches can make a big difference with people and focuses on those to maintain a healthy corporate culture.
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